Greener with Greggs – Earth Fest success

By Bryan Lipscombe | September 23 2017

Greener with Greggs – Earth Fest success

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    Our first ‘live ‘ outing at a public event went well.   We arrived in good time but in damp conditions. Heavy rain before the event and further showers during set up were not ideal. In view of the conditions we set the dolls house up inside the van.

    Armed with several flasks of hot water we filled four metal beakers as our temporary heating system – one cup for each room. We placed them carefully closed the front of the model then waited.

    After what seemed like an age we fired up the thermographic camera and viewed the model. The first images were not convincing. We waited some more then switched the camera back on and refocused.. This time much better.

    We could see the heat inside and the  beginning of heat leakage through the walls of the uninsulated side.   Later on the contrast was better still.

    We learned a lot on this first test outing. This will help both refine the model as we press on to complete it. We also learned how people react with it and how we introduce it as its interpreters – all important steps in delivering an engaging informative experience.

    The model is now back in Alan’s capable hands for further work. We hope to fit the permanent glazing in the windows next.  Hopefully we will put the model to the test again at an event in October before installation of our planned heating pipes.  Do please tune in for more updates on our Greener with Greggs project journey

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