Greener with Greggs – A photo for the competition?

By Bryan Lipscombe | July 24 2017

Greener with Greggs – A photo for the competition?

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    We wanted to enter the Greener with Greggs photo competition.  Unfortunately because we are not quite there yet with our project, we can’t post the perfect picture that we wanted to.  In my mind’s eye I can see the image.  We are at an event.  The model is finished.  It’s plain to see.  It’s sitting in front of our eco van that we use for events.  Someone of course is interacting with it – just in the way we imagined they would.  They are viewing the model houses through the thermographic camera.  We took the picture just so. It’s brilliant. You can clearly see one side of the model leaking heat and one retaining it.  There are of course some volunteers on hand too.  Ready to help out or explain if needed.  We think it might be a winning photo, but alas we’ll never know because we haven’t actually taken it yet!

    Instead we are going to have to make do.  To improvise.  That’s what projects like ours do.  We can’t always get what we want, but we will give it go anyway. As the saying goes ‘You’ve got to be in to win”.  We’d sooner take part than stand watching.  So here goes.  We don’t have a perfect picture, so here’s a set of the best we could do for now.

    You’ve already seen the thermographic camera – we used a photo for the headline image.  For that image we were testing it out in the real world – you can see the screen and the type of thermographic image it captures.

    Next up the house.  Here’s prime model maker Alan hard at work.  Some way to go, but making progress.  We started with one house, soon we will have two semi-detached – one insulated, the other not.

    Next up, here’s one of me doing the books.  Yes, pretty boring stuff. But if you’ve ever done any kind of environmental project it’s not always the glamorous stuff.  Someone has to make sure things add up – the records are kept in order.  I’m writing this when I should be doing the books to be honest.  This is more fun.  In the back of my mind I’m thinking “What if we won”.  I know looking at the books it would really help us to do some of those things we need to do but that are difficult to raise money for.

    Next up the eco van.  Its a great van.  We stepped in to buy it when it could have been lost from environmental education.  We couldn’t bear to see it lost so did some fund raising.  The van was purpose made for a local authority, but staffing there changed and it was unused.  Its a perfect fit for our project but also demands effort to keep it in use.  We have a crowd-funding sponsorship drive to try and ensure we can keep it for what it was intended.  We used the photo from our sponsor campaign page below. If you want to sponsor a wheel or a door visit our website and find out how

    Okay.  Running out of photos now.  Probably going to have to concede gracefully on this occasion, but it was worth a shot right?  Let’s finish off with a happy smiley picture of some of the people that help make our project what it is.  It was taken at the end of a very long event – a busy one.  We had a sense of accomplishment.  Things had gone well.  Our project had survived another year doing what we do – starting conversations about sustainability through creative means.  If you are game to try and combine these images in your minds eye here’s a picture of the volunteers that help make things happen. Our Greener with Greggs project will be the best we can make it because together we can make a world of difference.


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