Greener with Greggs – a day at the fair

By Bryan Lipscombe | October 17 2017

Greener with Greggs – a day at the fair

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    Our second outing with the energy house was to Blackberry Fair in Whitchurch.  Building on the first ‘live’ test in West Kirby the model has been adapted and further developed.  More substantial windows have been added and the front facade given a coat of undercoat for some weather protection. A better seal to the opening facade has been installed and magnetic catches to hold it shut.  The roof could now be lifted to see the roof space – one side with insulation between the rafters, the other without.  The thermographic view of the each loft space showed a stark difference helping to convey the benefits clearly.   With another days learning under our belt we have further refinements to make.  This work is now in progress.  We are installing a new lighter lifting roof.  We also need to finish installing double glazing to one of the two properties.  Once we have the working model refined it will be time to fit the permanent heating pipes rather than rely on refilling cups of hot water in each room.  This will be quite a challenge to get right.  With any luck the model will be back in use for some further energy efficiency demo work at the Chester Sustainability Forum in November.  Tune in for further updates on our Greener with Greggs journey.

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