Giving you the tools you need

By Sam Forsdike | March 09 2020

Giving you the tools you need

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    The idea of giving someone the tools to help themselves is a commonly used metaphor, particularly in the field of employability.

    The concept is that if you enable someone to learn skills or develop crafts so that they are better able to support themselves then this will have far more meaning and longer term benefits for them than just giving them a job.

    But sometimes a tool can also just be a tool.

    For Valerijus and Vytaultus, it is both.

    Guests of our night shelter and experienced tradesmen they were desperate to get back into work and rebuild their lives. However, their professions required them to have their own equipment. Something they couldn’t afford.

    Accessing our Jobs Club for support we were then able to help them purchase these items. Cue a couple of fun shopping trips to ScrewFix!

    Armed with their new toolkits they were then both able to get back into work. The cost of the items was not much but the difference it made to their ability to get back on their feet was huge.

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