Generational Change – What Just Enough is looking to achieve

By Charlie Russell | November 06 2018

Generational Change – What Just Enough is looking to achieve

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    This week we saw even more tragedies relating to knife crime in the UK capital. In response to this, Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, told the Today Programme that to “really make significant progress can take up to 10 years” and that “it’s more difficult” to solve knife crime because of budget cuts but “there are other complex reasons as well“.

    Here at Just Enough, we totally agree with that approach. We are often asked to quantify the good work we do – often I hear “yes the children love your workshops, but how do you know you are really making a difference?“. The answer is simple – correcting our modern day social issues such as knife crime, radicalisation and modern slavery cannot be fixed overnight and to be frank, that’s not our aim.

    Just Enough’s single aim in fact, is to run workshops for as many children as possible and see each child in the UK once a year, tackling a new subject each time. Our message will then resonate and we will achieve exactly what the London Mayor is looking to achieve himself – generational change.

    It is time to make a positive impact on our children from a young age, before the typical trappings of modern society enter their lives. With support from businesses, government and schools directly, we can achieve this and make our world a more harmonious place to live.

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