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  • Welcome to Tanga Club!

    15th November 2019 – we opened the doors to Tanga officially to the public. We wanted to give our children an opportunity to socialise and thrive in a fun but calm atmosphere which was fully inclusive. To be honest we didn’t think many would come along…how wrong we were! What Read more [...]

  • A soup celebration day – Nov 2019

    All pupils get an opportunity to harvest their school grown vegetables, wash, peel and chop them before making them into two delicious soups. This wonderful event is shared with family and friends who have been invited into school to join their children. During the day, they produce a collaborative piece Read more [...]

  • A pizza celebration day – Oct 2019

    We partnered with Popty Pizza to deliver one of the most exciting days at school …ever! Every child and teacher had the opportunity to hear about the project and join us for a celebration day where pupils bake pizzas outdoors in a wood fired oven using fresh vegetable toppings grown Read more [...]

  • Field Trip to the Farm – July 2019

    The weather was incredible during July and the opportunity to visit the fields at Cae Tan has been a highlight of the programme, providing pupils with rich experiences including a walk through a tomato forest, tasting fresh produce, meandering through the stunning Gower countryside, picking strawberries, drinking fresh herbal tea, Read more [...]

  • Pollination – June 2019

    This month we have been considering the importance of pollinating insects, particularly bees. By playing our fun pollination game, pupils considered the threats and consequences of a declining bees species and how sustainable farm practices can help. We reflected on our personal responsibility for the environment by reading The Lorax Read more [...]


    Artist Mary Yacoob ran a sunprint workshop for 10 lucky Play Street children at the Five Years/Mutton Fist Press. We learnt what “blueprint” photography is, how light sensitive paper works and saw an amazing old printing press in action. Check out Mary’s amazing work

  • Festive holidays

    Well!!! it has been a good few busy months here at kennishead community hall. We were so busy over the festive holidays, our Monday club had a terrific day out at the theater to see Pinocchio. The exercise class broke up for the festive holidays with a wee lunch at Read more [...]

  • Winsford Gardens Raised Beds

    #Greggs4Good funding project update (2020 photo competition.) In 2016, we received a grant from the Greggs Foundation network for the renovation and rebuilding of our raised vegetable and herb beds by replacing rotting timbers with more substantial and durable wooden sleepers. The old raised beds had been created in 2011, Read more [...]

  • New Year, New Start!

    DOSTI Group starts 2020 with exciting new projects, including turning a hidden corner at Adderley Nursery into a ‘Secret Sanctuary’; building on Tesco Bags of Help’s, the ‘Secret Garden’. Watch this space! After a successful 2019’s amazing crop of tomatoes and vegetables, DOSTI ladies plan for 2020. DOSTI group provides a Read more [...]

  • Jumping into January

    Here at C@NE66 we are advocating healthy eating and physical exercise. In an attempt to support children and young people in achieving their daily 30 active minutes as outlined by the Government we are actively planning and incorporating sport into all our sessions. We understand that sort isn’t for everyone Read more [...]

  • Greening an alleyway from start to finish

    The area that we live and work in is one of the most deprived areas of Rochdale, consisting of private rented accommodation with a high turnover of occupants and the related problems that brings. We decided to tackle this particular alleyway as it had been a constant source of litter Read more [...]

  • Dads and kids having fun!

    Dads Rock playgroup in Granton, Edinburgh is a place where Dads and kids can come together and have some fun. Last Saturday we had great fun with balloons facilitated by our friends at the Judy Murray Foundation! Our playgroups are a place where men can learn from each other, build Read more [...]

  • Wreath making 2019

    Our wonderful parents/carers had an incredible time making some beautiful Christmas wreaths, thank you to the help of the lovely Karen Mangold who ran this session for us! Running programmes like this is a great way to give our deserving parents/ carers a little boost and some well deserved ‘me Read more [...]

  • Families Together for Sensory Fun

    Dyfodol Powys Futures have been running creative sensory sessions affiliated to the Touch Trust, in Newtown, Powys. Our sessions, for families with a disabled child or young person, are packed full of music, movement, light, colour and sound and we are delighted to have been able to start running them Read more [...]

  • The Coming Home Centre

    Welcome to our blog. We will let everyone know what is going on at The Coming Home Centre and hope that you will spread the word to help veterans from the Armed Forces. Our centre exists to help all veterans in the Glasgow Area.

  • A Hidden Gem along the River Brent

    Restoring Brent Rivers and Communities- Quainton St Open Space Event 13.11.19 Quainton Street Open Space is a hidden gem along the River Brent. The Open Space has an incredible potential to become an area for the community to celebrate and enjoy nature. Sadly, the site is very littered, ‘one of Read more [...]

  • The Big Sunflower Project 2020

    Seed distribution for The Big Sunflower Project is now underway. 2020 is the tenth year of the project which raises awareness of the rare neuromuscular conditions known as centronuclear and myotubular myopathy by asking people to grow sunflowers and share the photos online. This year 300 packets of seeds containing Read more [...]

  • Celebrating our Medicinal Forest Garden

    This year we will be celebrating 15 years of developing Holt Wood, in a transformation from a section of redundant conifer plantation to a thriving medicinal forest garden. Back in 2005 we planted according to a permaculture design, many layers incorporating a wide range of medicinal trees and shrubs. Some Read more [...]

  • Time to start growing – May

    Hello everyone, at each school we weeded and prepared the ground reading to start planting. Although some children are reluctant to get their hands dirty they all soon join in with this fun sensory experience. We planted lots of different vegetables such as green beans, potatoes, onions, herbs, wheat and Read more [...]

  • Creative Change Makers 2020

    ‘Creative Change Makers 2020’ conference, held in London on 5-8th Feb 2020. Built to inspire behaviour change, to enrol creative industries as well as leading educators – we are focused on embedding social and environmental impact into society, the world and education. The conference is the first of its kind to connect the best Read more [...]

  • Power of 10

    The power of people coming together is so fierce and powerful. Just that vibe alone knocks me off my feet no matter where the crowd is especially when it comes to supporting someone in need. Now that is activism. Imagine what 1 pound is able to do. We all give Read more [...]

  • Update from the Community Gardens December 2019

    Update from the Community Gardens December 2019                                                                      An array of our cabbages. Update      We’ve had a great run up to Christmas and our gardening sessions have been relatively dry! There was a good harvest of cabbages with an assortment of different varieties and colours and thankfully Read more [...]

  • Meeting Autism Voice Gave Me Relief- Josanne James

    My name is Josanne James. I’m a mother to a son (Delano McDonald) who was diagnosed with autism at age 4. Delano’s autism is accompanied by learning disabilities and dyspraxia. Against the advice of others, he has always remained in mainstream schools. With a statement of special education needs, he’s Read more [...]

  • Preparing the Project – March 2019

    Hi everyone, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be starting this new endeavour. This month is all about preparing which, as you growers know, is one of the most important aspect of success. I have been warmly welcomed into the Cae Tan family and have met with Read more [...]

  • Community Award

    B.K.A. Karate had a wonderful evening in London at the Groundworks Awards the hosts were fantastic and it was the best night anyone could ask for, the amout of work involved in organizing such an event it was flawless and a night we will talk about for such a long Read more [...]

  • Egham Constellations – Our new equipment is here!

    We recently took delivery of the mobile hoist and changing table, purchased using the funding from Greggs Foundation and Heathrow Community Trust. The Egham Orbit pool, managed by Achieve Lifestyle, already provided us with one fully equipped disabled changing room. The additional portable equipment allows us to run a 2nd Read more [...]

  • Arts & crafts

    The amazing arts and crafts stall for all ages at every Play Street, the first Sunday of the month 11am-1pm.

  • Selce launch our third share offer

    We (South East London Community Energy) have launched our third share offer. We are raising £260K  to install solar panels on four sites in SE London. See Projected 3% return on investment Sites will generate 217,326kWh of clean green electricity and reduce CO2e by 80 metric tonnes annually £40,000 Read more [...]

  • HOPE update Autumn 2019

    We have given out lots more pillows and the families we work with are very grateful. We received this letter from one of the children who attends the group:   “Thank you for the wonderful pillow you gave me it has been helping me sleep better and I hope it Read more [...]

  • Larry The Legend

    We have been visiting Larry at his home since June, as he was referred to us from The Carers Trust. He recently had a fall and lost all his confidence and his son cares for him, so he doesn’t leave his home. Larry  who is in his 70’s has lived Read more [...]

  • Parks in Mind

    Our autumn update. Lots of great opportunities to get out and about this autumn and early winter with Parks in Mind. Head to for more details and our monthly programme of practical conservation, arts and wellbeing activities and events. Parks in Mind is a great chance to meet others, Read more [...]

  • Made local funding

    Hope Gardening has been given funding through the Made Local programme from Carling! This is great news. We have been allocated funding for a series of capital purchases that will help further equip our closely linked gardening and foodclub projects. Grants for work on the site where we grow food Read more [...]

  • Families Together Sensory Sessions

    It has been brilliant to be able to engage with a whole new set of families in the Newtown area of Powys with our Families Together Project creative sensory project (affiliated to the Touch Trust), with funding from Greggs. Feedback has been positive so far and we are looking forward Read more [...]

  • Carers Create

    ‘Carers Create’ offers weekly opportunities for people caring for family or friends, and their cared-for who are living with dementia and other degenerative conditions to come together to sing, dance and engage in a range of other fun creative activities. Carers Create activities are delivered by the charitable organisation Music4Wellbeing Read more [...]

  • Kennishead Community Hall

    Kennishead Community hall is very busy with its activities on the roll up to Christmas, our Monday club 60+ is heading for a good auld time at panto to see Pinocchio, they have been busy with arts and crafts  and making Christmas decorations.  Our easy exercise class is purchasing  lots Read more [...]

  • October Update – Exim Dance Company

    October has shown to be a busy month from start to end here at Exim Dance Company. To find out more have a look below at the exciting news, opportunities and events that have been occurring for Exim this month. As always we would like to thank you for your continued support. Read more [...]

  • “Little Fidgets”

    And so “Little Fidgets Gilcrux” was launched on the 29th October and a great time was had by all, the turnout was much more than expected proving that many were looking for such a group to exist giving both the parents and “Little Fidgets” a chance to play together, sing Read more [...]

Showing General update 101-150 of 8954