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  • Monday 2nd March

    Forget the satellites – man-hauling across the Arctic seems the next step You’ll see Jess blogged recently on the new satellite that was to be launched to assess the planets CO2 distribution ( see here ). You’ll also see form the comments that it never made it into orbit. Millions Read more [...]

  • Wednesday 25th February

    Ethical clothes hit the catwalk Last night, as part of London Fashion Week, a trendy bunch of fashionistas attended the launch of a sustainable fashion label Made-by. I was lucky enough to go along to this and apart from the seriously good nibbles, it was eye opening. Made-by is really Read more [...]

  • Monday 23rd February

    NASA Launches CO2 Tracker By logging on to the NASA website (as you do), I just discovered something very exciting••• Tomorrow they are launching the Orbiting Carbon Observatory which is a satellite designed to orbit the earth and map the distribution of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The satellite will Read more [...]

  • Fuel poverty?

    I would very much like to get involved with people specifically working on fuel poverty – if anyone can advise me I’d be grateful! Many thanks, Carey

  • Thursday 19th February

    Social networking is bad for you… •••Or so claims a report in the “Biologist” journal today. The report blames social networking for increasing the risk of health problems as serious as cancer, strokes, heart disease and dementia by altering the way genes work. Now, no-one claimed that the use of Read more [...]

  • Sunday 15th February

    Are CO2 target treaties useless? The institute of mechanical engineers has released a report that fires a shot across treaties that look to reduce CO2 through target making. In a perhaps somewhat controversial stance the report says that “CO2 reduction treaties are useless” the we should accept the world is Read more [...]

  • sustainable energy

    two books worth reading and

  • Thursday 12th February

    Sustainable Communities Act Tuesday’s meeting at the Houses of Parliament had a wonderful turn out which was a delight for the speakers. The legislation has been a long time coming and after quite a battle, was finally passed by Parliament in 2007. The idea is that government will essentially devolve Read more [...]

  • The Spray Vessel

    Here’s something I’ve wanted to air since my jolly Sunday jaunt down to the Royal Geographical Society a couple of weeks ago for the IQ2 Green Festival. One of the lectures I attended was given by Professor Stephen Slater of Edinburgh University who, rather than engage such laymen as myself Read more [...]

  • Tuesday 10th February

    Job Opportunity: Community Action on Climate Change in Tooting A quick blog post to highlight the role London 21 is looking to fill asap. Chris Church (chair of London 21) is actively involved with us at Project Dirt – and has always been on hand to answer questions and steer Read more [...]

  • Tuesday 10th February

    Sponsored Running ••• I wanted to raise some money for Cystic Fibrosis and Multiple Sclerosis because both have affected close family members. So after a quick chat with a mate (who runs marathons in his sleep) it was decided a run was the best way forward – with the route Read more [...]

  • Reclaiming the Westcombe Commons

    I have just returned from the Westcombe Society’s community party where much was discussed. The council land at the back of the Community Centre is on the verge of being sold off by the council for more property development. We need people to support the retention of the land as Read more [...]


    just discovered this if u register online they will send you a pack of seeds for bee friendly plants to help the bee population grow and prospor az they seem to have declining availability of habitats at the moment… enjoy!

  • Another blog

    I just started another blog, more of a scrapbook of thoughts/ideas. Feel free to comment/feed back as I’m hoping that the other blog will become a space for ideas for future projects/initiatives etc. the new blog

  • Friday 6th February

    Wandle Trust clean up – THIS SUNDAY Nick and I braved the icy temperatures and hangovers in January to get involved in the monthly clean up with the Wandle Trust . I always enjoy meeting new groups and initiatives on Project Dirt. Each project is different in its own way Read more [...]

  • Tuesday 3rd February

    The 10 min snowy blog post – updated Back from the Futerra meeting now – and all good. Our presentation itself got a bit of a justified shoeing (never been a big power point lad). There was some fantastic constructive feedback flying around the room afterwards, which was great. A Read more [...]

  • Linking Up London

    I ahve just started a new PD group to act as a focus for discussion on the upcoming Linking Up London. The aim is to use this to bring together people interested in this event for a discussion in advance.

  • Thursday 29th January

    Green Innovation and the importance of reliable information With humans finding it almost impossible to buck the trend of oozing carbon in their lifestyles and businesses, is new green technology the only salvation? My answer is no. If only things were that simple. I’ll explain: The relationship between green innovation Read more [...]

  • Monday 26th January

    The Balham Bowls Club gets a green make over GREEN DRINKS ARE THURSDAY WEEK. I hope everyone’s coming along – there should be a good crowd. We’re hoping to drag the Peckham and SE London gang down as well ••• including green fingered Iris from Devonshire Road and South London Read more [...]

  • Thursday 22nd January

    Should green companies make profits? The business sector examined. I’ve moved office recently – and have settled into life at the Hub in Kings X (York Way). The Hub is absolutely superb, a god-send in today’s whirlwind of corporate offices, narrow thinking and short termism. So, having settled in (between Read more [...]

  • Monday 19th January

    Could our grandchildren miss out on glaciers? Being positive lads here at Project Dirt, we like to try and report on good things. On progress made and events that spark debate. This isn’t always possible though. So being an avid mountain climber, I couldn’t resist covering the plight of our Read more [...]

  • Thursday 15th January

    A dark day in British environmentalism – The “disgraceful” third runway is approved Geoff Hoon announced today that the third runway at Heathrow Airport with go-ahead. He says it’s right for the country, the capital and the economy. The decision comes amid significant opposition from MPs, The Mayor, local resident Read more [...]

  • Monday 12th January

    Plane mad Hundreds, if not thousands of protestors are descending to Heathrow this afternoon to protest over plans to build a third runway. Terminal 1 is likely to be targeted with protestors looking to stage a two day sit in, similar to the scenario in Bangkok last year. The departure Read more [...]

  • Friday 9th January

    London Rivers to be restored by the Environment Agency The EA (Environment Agency) plans to restore a number of rivers currently buried under London’s monolithic concrete foundations, The Guardian reports . Referred to London’s “lost rivers” the EA is conducting a national plan to revive 92 urban rivers in the Read more [...]

  • Logs wanted.

    Is there anyone selling firwood locally? I am looking into installing a woodfired oven, and need to research sources of firewood. I can find commercial firms and Tree Surgeons, but I wonder if there is anyone local, a furniture maker or builder who has regular supplies.

  • Cold December

    I have been closely monitoring my energy use for over a year now, and recording year-on-year reductions each month. So I was very fearful that with December’s cold weather, and the fact that we have been at home and indoors over the whole holiday, our gas use would be much Read more [...]

  • Wednesday 31st December

    New Year’s Resolve It’s that time of year again when we look to the year ahead, and promise to do bigger and better things than the year just gone. So, what resolutions are you going to make? Two years ago my girlfriend gave up smoking, and has – by and Read more [...]

  • Friday 26th December

    A step too far •••?? I hope everyone has had a great Christmas? The weather has been fantastic (unlike my midnight mass carol singing) and for once, the family all behaved themselves. The turkey has been fully devoured and the chickens are enjoying the scraps of brussel sprouts and potatoes. Read more [...]

  • Monday 22nd December

    Christmas – eating, presents, travelling, families and a reflection With Christmas fast approaching, the emphasis is on presents, lots of presents. Or getting to that area of the country (or abroad). It’s about family, food, stuffing your face and getting slightly disheveled on Christmas Eve at the local pub or Read more [...]

  • Wednesday 17th December

    ANNOUNCEMENTS BLOG (boring … but important information) With Christmas fast approaching, we thought we’d share the love and tell you some plans, features and functions re Project Dirt: 1) BLOGS – You all now have your own shiny new blogs on your profile pages (click on the link called “Project Read more [...]

  • Wednesday 17th December

    ANNOUNCEMENTS BLOG (Boring … but important) With Christmas fast approaching, we thought we’d share the love and tell you some plans, features and functions re Project Dirt: 1) BLOGS – You all have your own blogs on your profile pages (click on the link called “Project Dirt Blog” under your Read more [...]

  • Monday 15th December

    The UK’s still delaying on green problem solving ••• Targets, conferences, pledges, funds and significant rhetoric. The green agenda has seen it all. But, perhaps the greatest problem will not be lack of wanting – it will be delivery and timing. We Brits have a dodgy track record in getting Read more [...]

  • Thursday 11th December

    The end of traditional light bulbs •••? A European Union report wants to ban all traditional light bulbs by 2012. It reckons this will save roughly £8 billion in energy bills. To take effect, the report needs the backing of all 27 member states the BBC reports. Originally invented by Read more [...]

  • London Leader 2009

    I am going to be announced as a London Leader for 2009 tonight at the Royal Society. Wise Women are holding a speaker event tonight and are also going to mention it – Wise Woman becomes London Leader.. or similar. So my ears will be twitching. London Leaders is a Read more [...]

  • Monday 8th December

    The facts behind the figures – Wandsworth BC’s composting At the end of last month, i wrote a blog about Wandsworth being tagged by DEFRA as one of the worst performing London boroughs when it comes to composting. See here for a link to the blog. Wandsworth have responded. It Read more [...]

  • Wednesday 3rd December – Start drinking

    Green drinks (not literally) at the Balham Bowls Club [HAPPENING TODAY] It’s ironic that Nick’s organising drinks evenings. He only stopped getting ID’ed a few years ago aged 27. He was even ID’ed aged 24 for buying matches in Canada I hear•••! FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH – Balham Bowls Read more [...]

  • In Which I do Things Backwards

    and explain what People’s Republic of Southwark is all about. In too many areas of our lives, there’s an inexplicable amount of tribalism, in which our tribe was better/more interesting/more important/more everything than your one, very much like ‘people’s front of Judea or people’s Judean front’. This never made much Read more [...]

  • Photos and Video from Launch Event are now available

    Hi there! We had our launch event on Sat 22nd Nov 2008. We were thrilled with the turn out and the positive feedback. Video of the event is now available here: And photos are available here: Thanks, Jack

  • 29th November: Buy-Nothing Day!

    OK – so Mark’s right. I HAVE been a bit quiet of late. But I’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes! On Monday and Tuesday this week I went to the Environment Agency conference; loads of big names there, and really quite inspirational. (Well done to Graveney Councillor and Project Read more [...]

  • A very late Wednesday 26th November

    Wandsworth composts only 1.00% of its household waste compared to Harrow at 19.00%. I grabbed the Evening Standard and the customary Yorkie Bar when filling up the scooter this afternoon. There on Page 20, top of the page ••• was evidence that Wandsworth has slipped behind on the composting front. Read more [...]

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