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  • The first vegetable bed

    This is nice & low & perfect for the children to garden. Having got a couple of strong Dads in to dig out the brambles which had taken over this planter we planted out runner beans, sunflowers, pumpkins, chives. Had a big problem with rats/ foxes/ cats? (not sure which Read more [...]

  • The Sensory planter

    Sensory planter, this was the first planter we attacked It was overgrown with weeds, and is too high a planter for the children to do reach into to do any work themselves, so we planted lavender, rosemary & jasmine for scent & because we are the first ever bilingual state Read more [...]

  • Visit of Rosie Boycott to Let’s Go Let’s Grow

    You can read Rosie Boycott’s comments on the site in the Evening Standard (thurs 23rd July) (Copy and past this link to your browser address bar) She visited us and was very enthousiastic about what she observed!

  • Bellenden Big Lunch 2009 video

    On Sunday 19th July 2009, communities all round the UK took to the streets to share home-made food and meet the neighbours. This is a quick little video of the Bellenden Big Lunch in Peckham, South East London. It was an absolutely fantastic afternoon. I can’t wait until the Big Read more [...]

  • Wednesday 22nd July

    Timberland Application deadline looming ••• A blog to all those budding projects looking to scoop £500 through the Timberland EK grant . The deadline is this Friday at 5.00pm, with the committee of esteemed ladies and gents (yes – you too Nick) going through the applications next week. There has Read more [...]

  • Big Lunch Bellenden Road SE15

    The Big Lunch features Bellenden Road in Peckham SE15, Tuba, Bunting ,Birthdays , Community, Carved Water Mellons, Food and New friends what a fantastic day. Basically, it’s a party in your street, in everyone’s street. On 19th July we’re asking the people of Britain to stop what they’re doing and Read more [...]

  • Wednesday 15th July

    The Brixton Pound has 10 mins on BBCs Politics Show Congrats to the Brixton Pound on being showcased on BBC last Sunday. Tim and the Brixton Pound team had 10 mins of coverage on The Politics Show ••• what a great promotional coup. To have a quick ganger – click Read more [...]

  • The Teasel

    Do you know this plant? I had no replies, but I found out through other sources: it’s common name is Teasel, it was used by weavers for carding and was eventually replaced by metal ‘carders’, although it was much more handy than the metal ones as the spikey heads, although Read more [...]

  • the lifeline… 999 its an emergency

    •••Calling 999••• It’s an emergency and we need your help. Will you become part of the Lifeline for our future? With human activity eroding the Earth’s basic life support systems through pollution and mismanagement environmental deadlines are fast approaching. Yet sustainable solutions are evident around the world that can save Read more [...]

  • Friday 10th July

    Great people do great things Since starting Project Dirt, meeting and working with some truely fantastic people has been utterly inspiring. Project Dirt’s been an amazing portal to engage with and get to know some truly brilliant people. Yes, people who are grabbing this situation by the balls and doing Read more [...]

  • What’s this all about???

    Something weird is going on. I sat in on a meeting about Carbon Pledge Schemes last week. Then had a conversation about building environmentally sustainable homes the day after. I met up with a parent and got talking about “growing your own produce”. It was all a bit strange anyway Read more [...]

  • WOW – I have arrived!!

    All thanks to Iris, Stiletto Millionaires have arrived at Project Dirt with a mission in mind to help all the girlies take the carbon pledge challenge and do something to help the environment. Whether it be revamping and recycling items or growing your own food. If you are interested in Read more [...]

  • Monday 6th July

    Is Twitter useful for green stuff – or can it be•••? Nick gave me a crash course in Twitter on Saturday. It’s something people are increasingly talking about, using, and getting really into. With my new found knowledge, I thought I should share with the project dirters the ins/outs of Read more [...]

  • Thursday 2nd July

    A BIG congrats to Transition Town Tooting – on their TippingPoint success It’s all happening. South London is THE place where green is growing and moving and shaking. Whilst south London projects seemed to dominate the SDCs (Sustainable Development Commission) conference, Transition Town Tooting (in a joint bid with Project Read more [...]

  • Monday 29th June

    The throw away generation? Have you ever taken account of what you throw away? On top of that, have you ever thought about why you’re throwing away that object? Or better still – what you could do with it instead? I read a fantastic article the other day (more about Read more [...]

  • Tuesday 23rd June

    TIMBERLAND EK FUNDING FOR YOUR PROJECT – UP TO £500 Click here to see the funding page. Today marks a big step in our Project Dirt journey. Yes – very big. Nick and I always wanted to help green projects achieve their goals. There are some fantastic projects on the Read more [...]

  • Crane Park

    This is slowly becoming one of my favourite places in the borough. Perhaps because now I’ve started working at the Island and get to see it more, but even so it is a very charming place. I generally cycle through it (cursing prams and dogs that don’t get out of Read more [...]

  • Friday 19th June

    CAN YOU HELP STEVE CHAMPION – VOLUNTEERING AND JUICE CARTONS NEEDED I am an Education for Sustainable Development workshop facilitator and have been working on a freelance basis for charities in and around Hackney. I am currently in the process of researching to set up my own group, but before Read more [...]

  • Mobile Allotment at Woolwich Common

    Lisa’s Mobile Allotment has now taken up residence on the Nightingale Estate for the summer and Lisa is running a programme of community events that we hope will get the entire estate involved. Participants are currently planting, sewing and holding coffee mornings and planning the future of the mobile allotment. Read more [...]

  • Monday 15th June

    The Impact of Good TV Viewing Did anyone see the South Pacific programme on BBC2 last night – at around 9 pm? Do you remember those memories of lying on the floor of your parents house aged 6 and watching an Attenborough? Seeing those images for the first time – Read more [...]

  • Tuesday 30th June

    1,000 members and wading in the right direction 1,000 members – that’s a milestone for us lot here at project dirt, well – it’s just me and Nick. It’s a sentimental one too. Did we ever think we’d reach 1,000 members …? I think the best way to describe it, Read more [...]

  • Wednesday 10th June

    The importance (and joy) of being ernest … a reflection of volunteering Before i started up Project Dirt with Nick, i hadn’t done a huge amount of volunteering. Sure, i’d helped teach some kids cricket and tennis at the local school whilst at university. But i hadn’t got knee deep Read more [...]

  • Here we go – the land is ours!

    Well, I just thought I’d put up some photos of the plot of land that we have to work with. Currently, just grassed areas with quite a lot of litter floating around. We do have plans for things we could do here, but are still open to suggestions. I suppose Read more [...]

  • Calling all volunteers!

    “Dirty weekend!” – (Sat 6th / Sun 7th June) Mark and I have seen some exciting stuff over the last year or two running Project Dirt, but still nothing is more thrilling than getting down and dirty with other volunteers in making visible environmental change. So, this year we’ve teamed Read more [...]

  • We are building the raised beds

    Preparing for the rain after bank holiday weekend. We are running late in the season, but trying to get growing asap. Can you believe there is six tonnes of soil there! Grade A topsoil compost mix. We had a real problem getting it over the fence with a crane with Read more [...]

  • Tuesday 26th May

    White Roofs – The US learns a thing or two from the Greeks Steven Chu (the Nobel prize wining physician) was in London today for talks at the Royal Society, which were attended by Prince Charles and a number of laureates. Chu, regarded by the Guardian as having “transformed the Read more [...]

  • Can Chocolate Change the World?

    25th May 2009 Through love transforms all things into love. What are the secrets to a successful Social Enterprise – Consent, teamwork, movement and stories all values that found the ideas for empowering people. Gavin White draws the values of community and his personal pursuit for a dairy free chocolate, Read more [...]

  • Pledge Cards

    Hi all, Energise Tooting team is happy to invite you to sign up for the Energise Tooting programme! If you live in Tooting area (Tooting, Balham, Furzedown, Earlsfield) please follow our four step plan: 1. Fill in a survey to find out how much you already know and care about Read more [...]

  • Mobile Allotment

    Artist, Lisa Cheung, is near completion of her mobile allotment which will be unveiled next week during a series of community events on the Nightingale Estate, Woolwich Common. On Tuesday, 2pm – 4pm there will be a community picnic where you can meet Lisa and some of the other Avant-Gardeners. Read more [...]

  • Bee-watching at Devonshire road…

    If you’re in the area – Mark and Nick will be heading down to the fantastic Devonshire Road Nature Reserve tomorrow morning (Friday) from 10 until about midday. We’re going to be looking at BEES! (and doing a spot of filming). Devonshire Road Nature Reserve forms part of the Forest Read more [...]

  • No Garden – Desperate To Grow !

    Hi, we live in Gipsy Hill and have approached all local allotments but, not surprisingly, all have HUGE waiting lists or have closed their lists completely. Does anyone know of any community plots within a couple of miles of Gipsy Hill / Crystal Palace ? Well aware of Capital Growth, Read more [...]

  • Food First Gets Moving… Project Brief

    1. Background For the first time in history there are more people living in cities than in rural areas. As we begin to challenge the problems of climate change, peak oil and resource depletion, the issue regarding how urban populations are fed is increasingly important. Over the last couple of Read more [...]

  • This Wednesday… Brixton Green Drinks

    We’re very excited because the Green Drinks formula is really working in South London. Following seven months of successful drinking (?!) in Balham, Brixton is now running its second – on Wednesday 20th May, and we’ll be there to check it out! They say: “Come and meet likeminded green people Read more [...]

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