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    Moving Jobs Club Online During COVID-19

    The coronavirus and the lockdown measures that followed put many well-needed charity sector services into a difficult position in terms of their provision. At C4WS we transformed the employability support run through Jobs Club to be able to function online and remotely. Jobs Club is designed to help the people Read more [...]


    Winter Night Shelter Jobs Club Review

    Jobs Club – a community teamwork initiative to help guests return to work  This season of the winter night shelter marks the sixth year of Jobs Club, the service that supports homeless people to reach their employability aims through one-to-one mentoring. Initially designed to help people who need to gain employment Read more [...]


    Project Update: May 2020

    In what has been a very difficult time for many people, we would like to try and bring some HOPE with this update! This month we have donated 7 more anti-suffocation pillows and have been able to continue our support (albeit virtually) to our families. Sending all our best wishes Read more [...]


    Miles of fun, and then….relax

    Hi! Once again communicating from my bedroom where there is (relative) peace and quiet. Well, what a couple of weeks it has been! We got our activity bags packed and delivered but ended up having to do over 90 due to the increase in our numbers throughout lockdown. The bags Read more [...]

  • Six weeks in…..

    Six weeks in: Well we do find ourselves in a rather foolish position as it seems that this ‘COVID19’ is not all that it is cracked up to be; ie NOT contagious and not spreading like wildfire as expected. OK, to date, we have lost some 27,000 souls but at Read more [...]

  • Caring for the carers, keeping in touch

    Hi everyone! As we work through yet another week of lockdown and social distancing, we’ve been really busy behind the scenes at Tanga! Firstly we did ANOTHER video with some of our members and volunteers, this time in appreciation of our NHS and Key Workers. This can be viewed on Read more [...]

  • Week4: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

    4 weeks in:- The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Well folks here we are, 4 weeks into this somewhat boring, relentless ‘lockdown’ and it is easy to see that the natives are starting to get restless. There is only so much cleaning, sweeping, polishing, gardening etc a person can Read more [...]

  • Bradford PHAB Covid 19 Response

    We have now started our Food Delivery service twice a week for our most vulnerable families and the feedback so far has been brilliant with everyone being so appreciative during these uncertain and unprecedented times. Alongside this we are now delivering our safe contact online activities every evening at 8pm Read more [...]

  • Project Update: April 2020!

    We are now many months into our Anti-Suffocation Pillow Project and we have been able to donate many more pillows to children with epilepsy. As always, we want to thank Greggs for supporting this project, enabling us to provide these pillows which help not only the parents but also the Read more [...]

  • COVID-!9 & some Charities

    As a small but growing charity it is oh so easy to see where the BIG charities stand, and exactly where they begin to fall! With shops open here, there & everywhere it is so easy for them to gloat from their lofty financial positions as the money keeps rolling Read more [...]

  • Walk INN Food Bank (COVID-19) Support

    Please donate to our project Our project have been self funding and we are making a very good impact in the community, we deliver food to family in need and those over 60 that are self isolated due to the Pandemic. People in need in our community are getting Read more [...]


    AYBI ‘Real TALK . The programme has been formulated to deliver Physical and Mental wellbeing by combining CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and boxing training with Young People. Each session is a mixture of physical exercise, visuals, PowerPoint, worksheet/s and circle time/group discussions. Resulting in a Credited Box England Award upon Read more [...]

  • AYBI Under The Ring Film Making Project

    THANKS TO REGENT’S PLACE COMMUNITY FUND AYBI has fully funded filmmaking project comprising of 10 sessions and aiming to consider and critique experiences of youth violence, both how it’s represented in the media and personal experiences. We are aiming to offer a buffet of different forms of creative expression for Read more [...]

  • Outdoor Learning

    The Trust is now a member of the local “Outdoor and Woodland Learning” group and we were at the launch event held at Balloch Park. The purpose of this group is for environmental and conservation groups, like ourselves, to share educative outdoor activities with teachers and early year’s practitioners. It Read more [...]

  • Winter Workshops

    The Trust is continuing our collaborative environmental group-work projects with Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol (DACA). With their fishing group having a winter break we have been busy doing some winter workshops to appreciate their local environment. This has introduced them to different species of bats and birds they will Read more [...]

  • Wild Trails: Path Clearing & Litter Pick

    Re-establishing access along the east bank of the River Leven as part of our “Wild Trails Project” has been a huge success. It has been highly utilised and will undergo further development and improvement works to make it accessible for different activities and all abilities. However the decades of accumulated Read more [...]

  • Connected Conservation Part 2!

    Our “Connected Conservation Project” has now been delivered to two local secondary schools, Vale of Leven Academy and now Dumbarton Academy. In the first classroom lesson the students at Dumbarton Academy learnt about their local burn called the “Gruggies Burn” and were taught about the history, wildlife it supports and Read more [...]

  • River Brent London

    What was expected to be a cold, dull and grey day, ended up being a bright and energetic winter day in the field. This time we focused on vegetation management, as we are close to the bird nesting season, and we need to do as much as we can before Read more [...]

  • A Lot of Litter

    This was our fourth event, the first event of 2020, on the 25 January in the River Brent at Quainton Street Open Space. The volunteers arrived with two options of work, either litter picking or riparian vegetation management. When the event started, we though there wouldn’t be enough litter for Read more [...]

  • Breakfast Club

    A change to the way we give out food. We welcomed everyone at the door with a hot drink & Greggs sandwich, cake and sausage roll. Went well and everyone appreciated us opening to help them. Thanks to Greggs for the food Greggs4Good

  • Let’s get clean – but we will be back

    We wanted to show everyone that we mean business here at Tanga Hexham – so decided that with all the media attention about corona virus flying around that Friday was the right time to do a deep clean of all our equipment. Some of our guests are extremely vulnerable and Read more [...]

  • Eating, Food and Autism

    Many of us enjoy our mealtime. But, for autistic people, mealtime could be difficult due to their diverse sensory experiences. Sensory experiences relating to eating difficulties include touch/texture, sound/noise, smell and even the eating environment. Autism Voice held the Food and Autism workshop on 27th February to inform parents/carers, autistic Read more [...]

  • Giving you the tools you need

    The idea of giving someone the tools to help themselves is a commonly used metaphor, particularly in the field of employability. The concept is that if you enable someone to learn skills or develop crafts so that they are better able to support themselves then this will have far more Read more [...]

  • Messy play is here to stay!

    The steady stream of children past the front desk to the toilets, elbow deep in shaving foam and bright colours on Friday night told us all we needed to know – our messy play trial using one of our tuff trays was a resounding success! We’ve come a long way Read more [...]

  • Virtually Amazing!

    We had a virtual blast on Friday night with the official roll out of our new Oculus headsets! These are great for exploring the world, escaping into paradise or floating off on the International Space Station – the choice is endless! The children (and predictably the adults too) were queuing Read more [...]

  • Our volunteers

    We have some wonderful volunteers who really enjoy being part of our group. It’s always a busy morning but lots of laughs! Andy washing up looking like a French man today!

  • Update from the Community Gardens February 2020

    Update from the Community Gardens February 2020                                                        Winter lettuce still being harvested from the poly tunnel Update      Thankfully the gardens survived storm Ciara and Dennis relatively unscathed and we’ve been able to carry on as usual! The first of the daffodils and Read more [...]

  • Rowing the Litter Boat

    We had our fourth event, the first event of 2020, on the 25 January in the River Brent at Quainton Street Open Space. The volunteers arrived with two options of work, either litter picking or riparian vegetation management. When the event started, we though there wouldn’t be enough litter for Read more [...]

  • 50 care packs for oncology patients

    On 19 February 2020, 50 care packs for ladies will be donated to the Oncology department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. Many of the items have been very kindly funded by donations from #Greggs4Good. The items in the packs include a puzzle book, notebook, mints, chocolate, playing cards, hot chocolate, Read more [...]

  • 100 overnight emergency care packs for A&E

    On 18 February, 100 emergency overnight care packs will be donated to A&E at Addenbrookes Hospital containing items largely funded by #Greggs4Good! There are 50 packs for men and 50 for women. Items include puzzle book, pen, notebook, mints, comb, toiletries, sweets, chocolate, playing cards, dental kit, tissues and an Read more [...]

  • Shiny new gift cards!

    500 new gift cards, all updated with our new logo and social media details, are ready to be added to our care packs for cancer patients. All thanks to #Greggs4Good!  

  • Valentine’s Tanga!

    Love was in the air at Tanga Club this week, with loads of Valentine’s themed art and craft activities, gifts for the children to keep and a laid back, chilled out atmosphere. Greggs were obviously feeling the love as well judging by the amount of bakes, cakes and doughnuts we Read more [...]

  • A smile tells a thousand memories

    We have a special bond and friendship with a group of people who visit us from outside of our area just because they love our company and what we try to provide for those who would otherwise be sat at home on their own or taking their duties as a Read more [...]

  • Volunteer Blog

    Fresh from our Orchard Planting Day last Saturday, we’ve been inspecting the trees for any signs of damage or uprooting from Storm Ciara. All are fine but we now have our fingers crossed for Storm Dennis. Our greenhouse is likely to take another hit. Poly-carbonate panels aren’t great in the Read more [...]

  • Our first year

    Looking at our progress, and learning curve as we approach, and review our first year running. We are often visited by partner organisations, and have had a steady attendance at all of our brunch clubs. Since November 2019, we have provided 37 volunteering opportunities at this event alone, and the Read more [...]

  • All round support!

    Go-Woman! Alliance CIC (GOAL), a social enterprise develops and delivers projects in the heart of the community to meet the needs of the community. GOAL is supported by amazing number of women from the community that are committed to providing a safe place for women to unleash their potential. Through Read more [...]

  • how important is raising awareness for domestic abuse?

    Background The Saleem Foundation was founded in 2017, and will support charities and voluntary organisations across Birmingham & Black Country who undertake charitable work in the fields of health, disability, financial hardship or other, and will also support individuals and their families who are disadvantaged by their youth, age, ill-health, Read more [...]

  • Welcome to Tanga Club!

    15th November 2019 – we opened the doors to Tanga officially to the public. We wanted to give our children an opportunity to socialise and thrive in a fun but calm atmosphere which was fully inclusive. To be honest we didn’t think many would come along…how wrong we were! What Read more [...]

  • A soup celebration day – Nov 2019

    All pupils get an opportunity to harvest their school grown vegetables, wash, peel and chop them before making them into two delicious soups. This wonderful event is shared with family and friends who have been invited into school to join their children. During the day, they produce a collaborative piece Read more [...]

  • A pizza celebration day – Oct 2019

    We partnered with Popty Pizza to deliver one of the most exciting days at school …ever! Every child and teacher had the opportunity to hear about the project and join us for a celebration day where pupils bake pizzas outdoors in a wood fired oven using fresh vegetable toppings grown Read more [...]

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