Fly Fishing Day

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    On Monday we met up with Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol (DACA) who were keen to learn how to fly fish. We chose Carman Fishery because it is local and the perfect place to learn. On arrival the fish were all over the surface and we were keen to get going.

    Together we set up the fly rods and looked at different flies, what they are imitating and how to use them effectively before giving it a go. Despite it being their first time casting fly rod everyone enjoyed the experience but we did have backup spinning rods once the wind picked up.

    We landed 13 fish in total releasing 3 that were caught on the fly. The thrill of bringing in their first fish on the fly was a great experience as the photos show. Although we promote catch and release it is always nice to hit the fishery and catch a few for tea. Smoked rainbow trout anyone?


    All our community engagement work is part of our wider Leven Legacy Project which would not be possible without the help from the Greggs Foundation for their continual support on the project.


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