Fish grow on trees…

By Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust . | November 17 2020

Fish grow on trees…

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    This week we received our tree saplings for two of our tree planting projects. The first project is supported by the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. This grant will help us to plant trees within the riparian zone of the Carrochan and Ballagan burn that runs through Balloch, one of our local community areas. There are large sections of the banks of the burn that lack tree cover and subsequently the local wildlife isn’t able to, as some say, live their best life.

    While fish do not actually grow on trees, their survival can be dependent on trees. Trees provide food and shelter supporting various other plants, insects, birds, mammals and fish. The shade created by trees helps to keep the rivers cool for many different fish species (Atlantic salmon, trout, European eels, lamprey etc). This shade is becoming increasingly important and may act as a lifeline to many of our cold water fish species as temperatures rise due to climate change. Any branches or even entire trees that fall into the river can create cover and shelter for insects and fish hide amongst. Insects living on trees, or leaves that fall into the river can provide nutrients for plants, insects and fish life to thrive.

    Trees and woodlands also act as a buffers limiting the amount of pollutants and soil reaching our rivers after periods of heavy rain, keeping our rivers clean and healthy. Their roots help to hold riverbanks together and limit the amount of erosion occurring. Fish species such as Atlantic salmon and trout need clean gravel to create their nests and for their eggs to survive. Any extra soil or sediment entering the burn or river can lie on top of riverbed and suffocate the eggs as they develop. By planting trees along the riverbanks, we can prevent this from happening. All in all, trees are pretty superb.

    Originally we had planned to invite out members of the local community to help with the tree planting, however with the current restrictions in place, this may not be an option. However, the team at the Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust have their wellies and trusty spades at the ready and they are looking forward to planting the trees. We will send updates to the local groups we work with and encourage them to visit the sites and keep an eye the trees.


    #LevenLegacyProject #Greggs4Good #Treesareawesome

    Updates on our planting day and the success of the trees to follow!


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