Exciting planting plans take root in Salford

By Emmaus Salford | November 11 2020

Exciting planting plans take root in Salford

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    We’ve just had the news that we’ve been hoping for. Emmaus Salford has been awarded a Sir Robert McAlpine Strong Foundations Grant to help with the development of our community garden. This grant will now open the door to local food growing, horticulture training and personal development, and improved wellbeing for people in Salford.

    Emmaus Salford supports formerly homeless people by providing them with a home, work, training and an opportunity to progress. Our work is centred around a residential community, where people who have experienced homelessness come to make it their home for as long as they need it to be. Alongside our community we run three charity shops and Lucie’s Pantry social supermarket, helping Salford residents who face financial hardship and may be at risk of homelessness themselves.

    The grounds surrounding our Emmaus Salford community offer a great opportunity to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for use in our on-site kitchen and to supply to members of Lucie’s Pantry. In the past we have had community members who have tended to our grounds and grown vegetables for use in our kitchen. Moving forward we want to increase food production and involve more of our community members in the full range of gardening activities alongside local volunteers.

    Our plan is to create raised beds and give people the knowledge and skills to use the beds productively each year. We also want to improve the outdoor space for our community members to relax in and enjoy, and in terms of increasing biodiversity. In addition to providing fresh home-grown foods and attractive grounds, the project will help our community members gain practical experience and training that will lead to other opportunities and potentially employment.

    The #SRMCommunityGrant will pay for materials to build the raised beds, plants and fruit trees, and horticulture training for our beneficiaries and volunteers. Community cohesion and social impact are at the heart of this project and we hope to involve many volunteers from the wider community. Gardening is an acknowledged therapy in supporting mental health and improving wellbeing. We are already linked to local health agencies and keen for this garden project to form part of the social prescribing options to support local residents.

    Over the coming winter months, we hope to install the planters ready for next year’s growing season. We’re very excited by this project and hope that it will bring many benefits, not just to residents of Emmaus Salford, but also to the wider community. If you are interested in finding out more about this project, please keep a look out for future blogs and check out Emmaus Salford’s social media feeds.

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