Electrofishing & Invertebrate Day

By Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust . | October 24 2019

Electrofishing & Invertebrate Day

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    Our ambition at the Trust is to understand more about the wider Loch Lomond catchment. A few weeks ago we finished up our electrofishing season by looking at burns which have not been surveyed before but are close to the local community . We looked at the Whiteleys burn and an unknown burn which both flow into the River Leven. Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol (DACA) were keen to get involved so we did electrofishing and invertebrate sampling on the Whiteleys burn and the newly named “DACA Burn”.

    The Whiteleys contained mainly sticklebacks with the odd trout and eel keeping the netters busy. The Whiteleys burn compared to the “DACA Burn” was night and day when looking at the number of trout. The “DACA Burn” had loads of trout for such a small burn. This was particularly interesting because we had the culvert going into the River Leven cleared of debris earlier in the year allowing migration of salmonids.

    A quick Invertebrate survey suggested that the burn wasn’t as healthy as it could be. It is possible that the low water flows during April and May could have resulted in little to no flow where we surveyed impacting on invertebrate life.

    Thankfully DACA really enjoyed this fun and educational day and are keen to be involved in future projects. We hope to revisit the “DACA Burn” and make sure the fish continue to have suitable habitat to spawn and also continue to monitor the invertebrate numbers.


    Again we would like to thanks the Greggs Foundation for their support with this project.


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