Doorways 3: Food for Life

By Martin Crabbe | April 14 2020

Doorways 3: Food for Life

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    Today I want to focus on one project that I cannot praise highly enough: Food for Life. I make no apologies for lifting all of this blog directly from their website. It is their Covid19 letter and can be read directly here. The only other comment that I want to add before going onto their letter is, if you haven’t already, check them out. Their work on sustainable food in schools is outstanding and it feels essential at this current point in time.


    Following the UK Government’s updated advice relating to staying at home, issued on Monday 23rd March, all face to face activities for Food for Life and Food for Life Get Togethers are postponed until further notice.

    The team at Food for Life remains operational, and in line with guidance staff are working from home. Team members can be contacted on their usual email addresses or telephone numbers. You can also get in touch via

    We are working hard to identify the most effective programmatic response to this fast moving, challenging situation and support all our partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries during this time.

    We are keeping schools and caterers informed on the Government guidance relating to the provision for free school meals as it develops during the crisis. We have been working with School Food Matters, Sustain, Chefs in Schools and Food Foundation to call on the Government for greater clarity and clearer advice for head teachers on how they should work with caterers to provide prepared meals or food parcels where possible. We will continue to update you as this develops.

    People across the country are going above and beyond to provide food for those that need it in our communities. The current situation can feel isolating, but we know that staying connected helps us feel supported. We have set up a dedicated Cooks and Caterers Covid-19 Facebook Group – a space for people to share experiences and support one another.

    We have been packaging up our resources for schools and early years settings to help teachers who are adapting to a new way of working. We have great resources that are perfect for cooking, growing and taking part in conservation activity with kids. We encourage our schools to share these resources with parents that are now home educating!

    We have already seen schools and caterers rising heroically to the challenge of keeping food on the table for those who need it. We want to inspire others with the amazing work you’re doing in incredibly tough circumstances. Email us directly or tag us on Twitter or Facebook – we’ll keep sharing positivity and good news stories.

    That’s it for today. Whether you choose to engage with Food for Life or consider one of the other great schools food projects, if you choose to go through the ‘Food doorway’ I wish you a safe trip!

    Click here to access: Food for Life

    That’s it for today. Keep an eye out for the next ‘Doorways’ blog tomorrow (15/04/20) on Local Wellbeing.

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