Dear London Teacher

By Martin Crabbe | July 27 2020

Dear London Teacher

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    ​Dear London Teacher,
    I am delighted to let you know that the second full London Climate Action Week (LCAW) will take place between 14th and 20th November 2020.  A Covid friendly, 3 day, Digital LCAW took place between 1-3 July 2020.

    Every London school is invited to take part so that their students are given the opportunity to understand more about climate change, London’s risks and vulnerabilities. We hope that in doing so you and your students will respond by taking actions that you feel appropriate to your context.


    To help you, we have a number of practical resources for you. 

    1. A brand new fortnightly podcast called Doorways to Sustainable Schools. 
    Its aim is to introduce you to a range of inspiring guests who each have practical tips and a free lesson plan to accompany their episode. It was launched during Digital LCAW and will run until the main event in November.
    Click here for the Doorways Podcast.

    2. Fifty – yes 50! – FREE lesson plans

    The lessons are in three batches as follows:
    a. 13 lessons inspired by our podcast interviewees.
    These will be released fortnightly with the final one during LCAW 2020. Click here to find the podcast and the lesson plans.

    b. 4 Lessons 4 London
    Last year World’s Largest Lesson collaborated with London Sustainable Schools Forum and GLOBE International to create a unique set of four free lessons for Key Stage 2 & 3. These lessons cover 4 areas:

    • Climate Change
    • The Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals)
    • London’s particular vulnerabilities to Climate Change
    • Active Citizenship and Climate Change

    The resources are designed to be easy, engaging and modular so that they can be used in the lead up to London Climate Action Week. Our ambition is to help your students find the confidence to be active participants in the current climate conversation. The lessons are available on our LCAW page.

    c. 33 Lessons on London Climate Action (part of our 33 project)
    These lessons combine amazing lessons by London Curriculum and World’s Largest Lesson by providing London focused response to the Global Goals. All 33 lessons can be found on our main LCAW page or directly here.

    3. Youth Climate Summit 9th to 13th November 2020
    This is a National event run by the amazing people at Transform Our World in the week before LCAW. If you don’t already know about them – find out (we are very proud to be one of their many partners)! We’ll be joining in and we’ll take a London perspective on the summit’s outcomes in the following week in LCAW. Click here to find out more about the Youth Climate Summit.

    Imagine if every London school took part…​

    Lets make London schools greener, healthier and wilder together.
    Yours sincerely
    Martin Crabbe,
    Chair, London Sustainable Schools Forum in partnership with London Climate Action Week 


    Whether you’re from a London school, a schools network or a relevant third sector org join us in the London National Park City Schools Network.


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