Creating a wildlife re-tree-t (who doesn’t like a tree pun?)

By Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust . | December 18 2020

Creating a wildlife re-tree-t (who doesn’t like a tree pun?)

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    The Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust tree-o have been busy this month planting trees along the river banks of the Ballagan burn. We noted that this burn was lacking shade and natural tree cover , and with support of the West Dunbartonshire Council and funding from the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park we have been able to plant trees along the bare sections of the banks (pictures from before the planting work began).

    Trees are truly incredible. They improve the aesthetics of an area, hold river banks together, reduce soil/sediment being washed into burns, shade rivers – keeping them cool for fish species – and create new habitats and food sources for wildlife. So we think more the merrier!

    The Ballagan burn is a popular area with dog walkers, walkers and cyclists. It has a path network which runs along side and crosses the burn. This network connects local neighbourhoods and provides the surrounding flats with their own local green space. By planting new trees along the burn, we hope that the local wildlife are not the only ones to benefit from them.

    We had originally planned to deliver tree planting sessions with volunteers, and teach them how to identify, care for and plant trees. However due to local restrictions, we haven’t been able to deliver these sessions and our staff have planted the majority of the trees. We are holding out hope that we will be allowed to have small groups of volunteers out with us by the end of March, and for that reason we have kept hold of some of the trees. Fingers crossed!

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