COVID-!9 & some Charities

By Phil Johnson | April 08 2020

COVID-!9 & some Charities

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    As a small but growing charity it is oh so easy to see where the BIG charities stand, and exactly where they begin to fall! With shops open here, there & everywhere it is so easy for them to gloat from their lofty financial positions as the money keeps rolling in, but smaller charities are far more better suited to a situation such as a ‘lockdown’ that now encompasses this country. You may wonder how I come to this conclusion but in reality it is fairly simple to do so.

    As a small charity 2020 Voice Cancer keeps things simple, for the biggest is not always the best! Yes we have Collection Tubs in various Pubs & Clubs and they do collect in a fair few ‘sheckles’ each quarter. We have two main Charity Meal Nights per year which can bring in considerable funds. We also have fundraising events, sometimes in different parts of the country which bring in much needed funds. We also have a facebook page and dabble in a couple of Laryngectomee ‘chat clubs’ online. All funds go directly into the charity bank account and all cheques/payments out need two Trustee signatures-as per CC regulations. Right then, so you now have the basics of the operation – excepting one small matter!

    None of us (at 2020 Voice Cancer) take a wage, we ALL work FOR the charity and FOR the betterment of all Laryngectomees nationwide. You see folks, after becoming a ‘lary’ myself in 2010 and spending the next 4 years finding some form of stability I set up this charity after learning the difficulties the NHS were having with funding etc. Being a lary in hospital & being a lary at home are two completely different things! Also it’s one thing when you can object, moan, argue & grumble about a situation but when you have no voice for a period of time what on earth are you to do?

    We are not a fantastically well off charity but we certainly cut our cloth accordingly and have refused all manner of loans etc as we are determined to stand on our own two feet. Now I mentioned wages earlier and the fact that we don’t take a wage, none of the 5 of us do-a simple fact. Now compare that with (let’s use CRUK as an  example) CRUK who have a dozen people earning 6-figure salaries and a CEO who rakes in £246,000 per annum: (not quite sure what he does for his £673.97 per day [weekends inc]) but he must work 25hrs per day to get that amount of wage! Just look at the squawking going on already as big charities suddenly find their income slightly impeded:-

    Charities face ‘imminent collapse’ because of coronavirus …

    Charities face fundraising ‘apocalypse’ in coronavirus lockdown

    Charities face cash crisis as virus fears hit fundraising …

    …..and there are plenty more headlines to be spotted as charities suddenly realise that they are under threat and not simply money factories! CRUK raised £500m (that’s 1/2bn) last year yet still stated they need more for the research that, apparently, ‘every penny raised goes towards‘! We all know that is a complete misinterpretation of the truth because out of that £500m comes the wages, the running costs and everything else. Now they reckon that they have had to close 600 shops during lockdown which will cost them 25% of their income. Well folks, they haven’t found the magical cure for cancer with last years £1/2bn so why is another £375,000 going to make any difference when we all know, or are becoming acutely aware that cannabis resin (CBD Oils) et al is performing wonders around the world?

    Just have a peep at the chart below and you will see why top charity jobs are much sought after, the wages are simply ridiculous! So many people are employed by the charity sector yet they continually beg for more & more volunteers.

    Think back to the Hiaiti Earthquake several years ago where the Red Cross took charge of the rebuilding operation. The British public donated heavily insomuch that the Red Cross received almost £1/2bn yet only managed, well, simply read this…..”Published last year, the NPR and ProPublica investigation found that, despite collecting nearly a half-billion dollars in donations, the Red Cross managed to construct just six permanent homes.” Wow! did you manage to read that in one go without blinking? Just how many tiers of management dipped into that £1/2bn before a copper coin got spent on rebuilding Hiaiti?

    This begs the question of course of just how many highly paid members of staff, of the BIG4 charities here in Britain, have been exceedingly charitable and told the charity to NOT pay them whilst ‘lockdown’ is on?

    After all, does not charity start at home?



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