Continuation of the secret garden from home

By Yasmin Akhtar | August 17 2020

Continuation of the secret garden from home

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    Due to the virus, the DOSTI Ladies have not been able to attend their normal sessions at the centre where they regularly enjoyed exploring the secret garden.

    However, this has not stopped them from using their gardening techniques elsewhere.

    They have continued to stay active as they have been involved in various projects which helps the group create new ideas collectively.

    With no physical contact in place and the centre closed, the Ladies turned to online platforms like Zoom to stay in contact with each other. These zoom sessions meant they were all able to see each other’s gardens and show off their talent from the comfort of their home.

    Thanks to the amazing funders, ‘The National Lottery Fund’ and ‘Tesco Bags for Help’, the ladies received gardening kits which boosted their gardening expertise which allowed them to promote their own gardens.

    The ladies were able to stay connected online whilst at home enhancing their mental wellbeing.

    It helped the ladies still feel like they were at the Centre planting in the secret garden where in the future, the plants will be transferred from their homes to the garden to ensure their continued love and affection for the plants is enjoyed by all.

    The kits allowed them to see each petal blossom and grow during the lockdown giving them hope for a better future.

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