Confidence Club – An Introduction

By Michael Warwick | April 28 2019

Confidence Club – An Introduction

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    Often when I tell people that I work with teenagers the response goes somewhere along the lines of “Wow, rather you than me!” It makes me smile, because what they don’t understand is that teenagers are some of the most inspiring people you can ever hope to meet.

    Young people are discovering who they are and exploring the opportunities in front of them. One of the many challenges they face is that sometimes, although they are brimming over with more potential than they can ever hope to express in one lifetime, they are not aware of their own brilliance.

    This is where Confidence Club comes in. Confidence Club is a partnership between Exam Magic – the coaching company for teenagers  I founded over a decade ago, and the Tottenham Charity, Living Under One Sun.

    Our vision is to support young people in increasing their self confidence, create their life path and contribute to their local community. As a teacher I know that cuts in funding to education are forcing schools to make hard decisions in the breadth of experiences they offer their students. No head teacher wants to do this, but it’s a sad reality that many schools have been forced to narrow their curriculum and this means that character building opportunities to experience arts and culture and sports have taken a knock back in recent years.

    Young people going through our state funded education system are now under increased pressure as they face the challenges of high stakes testing. Our approach is to equip young people with well-being skills and strategies to help them thrive in the face of such pressures.

    At our community centre in Tottenham and in local schools we run Confidence Clubs to bring in inspiring speakers who share their life challenges and help young people develop the perspectives and mindsets that can take any challenge and turn it into an opportunity for learning and growth. We provide project based learning experiences at our community center so that young people can build up a portfolio of skills and achievements they can use to access further education and employment whilst connecting and contributing to their community.

    We also publish resources that other community groups and schools can use to support the self confidence and well-being of their young people too!

    Thank you for taking the time to read our first blog post. We’re now part of Semble’s Crowdfunder Stories Fund. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more about our team, our projects and stories and ways you can get involved.



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