Combats Loneliness in the elderly – about the project

By llansilin over 60 club | August 17 2019

Combats Loneliness in the elderly – about the project

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    Llansilin Over 60 Club provides a meeting point for the elderly of the community. The majority of club members are single and live alone in an isolated rural community. Whilst many of the regular club activities are of a social nature their value to the elderly of the community is enhanced due to the lack of public transport. The committee feels strongly that the club provides a very valuable service to the elderly of the community and there by enhances their quality of life.

    As well as the regular fortnightly meetings of the club, which take place at the local village hall, the club committee try to provide 6 events throughout the year which takes club members outside of their normal environment. However, the total cost of these events in 2018 was £2000 and will be difficult for the club to finance from its own fund raising activities. The club is a small independent group, which is not part of any national network, neither does it receive any financial support from the local authority. Its funds for general running costs are obtained entirely from local donations and fund raising efforts (e.g. internal raffles, bring and buy sales etc.) and small legacies from late grateful members.

    The grant of £2000 from the GREGGS FOUNDATION will be a significant contribution towards the cost of events over and above the regular fortnightly club activities. These events take the form of 4 coach excursions (spring/summer/autumn period) and 2 meals (summer and Christmas). For many of the members the events will be the only opportunity they will have to leave their local environment and experience a “complete change of scenery” albeit for a short coach excursion or a meal together with entertainment.

    The committee feels strongly that the events which are the subject of this grant provision give the elderly a further and different social dimension to their lives and thereby increases their quality of life. The project is regarded by the committee as one that Combats Loneliness in the elderly of the community.

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