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    ‘Carers Create’ offers weekly opportunities for people caring for family or friends, and their cared-for who are living with dementia and other degenerative conditions to come together to sing, dance and engage in a range of other fun creative activities. Carers Create activities are delivered by the charitable organisation Music4Wellbeing in various locations across Kent.

    M4W aims to continue to offer activity sessions free of charge to participants, which include tea and bikkies and plenty of time for supportive chats.

    Earlier this year, a 12-week project in Margate was funded by a Greggs 4 Good award. Participants chose creative arts activities, all of which aim to help relieve some of the stress of caring, to help maintain/rebuild good relationships between carers and their cared-for, and to build a close-knit social support group for carers in the local community.

    To celebrate the creative achievements and positive community cohesion fostered by the project, Carers Create attendees took part in a grand scale, intergenerational, multi-ethnic ‘Fancy Jamboree’, sharing songs, music, strawberry tea and much affectionate communication with the multiple community groups.

    All Carers Create activities are led by M4W’s Therapeutic Arts Practitioners and community volunteers. The volunteer element aims to broaden local awareness of age-related health conditions and to upskill volunteers to help with sustainability of the Carers Create groups.

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