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  • Selce launch our third share offer

    We (South East London Community Energy) have launched our third share offer. We are raising £260K  to install solar panels on four sites in SE London. See Projected 3% return on investment Sites will generate 217,326kWh of clean green electricity and reduce CO2e by 80 metric tonnes annually £40,000 Read more [...]

  • Inspiring awe and wonder

    Inspiring awe and wonder through adaptive play equipment and ideas, for children with disabilities. Play is accessible for all at some level . The Toy library has a wealth of toys and specialist equipment to loan out to encourage fun interactions and aid development.

  • Keep Moving

    Since receiving the Greggs funding, we have increased our numbers from 9 to 31 members attending our classes each week.  This photo always makes me smile, as I know how much fun they have during the class. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!

  • 50 care packs donated to cancer patients!

    Today Touch of Sparkle donated 50 more care packs to the oncology department! Thank you to everyone who helped and to our lovely sponsors #Greggs4Good, among others, whose generous grant funded many of the items in these packs – everything from puzzle books and playing cards to bedsocks, moisturiser, chapstick, chocolate, Read more [...]

  • Making Memories through Photography

    Todays group were amazing as always. Our group consisted of cares and those living with Dementia. This time we used older pictures of eachother and transferred then into black and white copies. During lunch sharing tea and cream scones we took the opportunoty to take photos of individuals to create Read more [...]

  • Making Group Memories

    Memories are the sole of conversation at our Bunting and Banter groups and craft sessions. BUT not everything is about crafting, thats just one of the visual end products. Our groups as so much more and they are fun, full of laughter and ofcourse making group memories to be shared Read more [...]

  • Blackwood Stroke Support Group @ Cardiff Bay

    Blackwood Stroke Support Group braved the wild weather reports and took to the water on board the Seren Party Boat for a trip around Cardiff Bay and up the Taff to the Principality Stadium last Wednesday. The forecast stormy conditions failed to materialise and the only thing rocking the boat Read more [...]

  • The children take over The Berry Maze

    The children take over the Berry Maze It’s been a year and a half since the Berry Maze was planted, in November 2017. It was the result of a one year campaign which has seen the community coming together, donating time, money and skills to make this wild dream a Read more [...]

  • We love the new equipment!

    Our funding from the Greggs Foundation has been spent on new physical activity equipment across three of our Hampshire clubs.  Our weekly clubs see older people come together and reminisce about sport, socialise and take part in physical activity games. The new equipment has brought more variety to the activities Read more [...]

  • Butterflies Transforming lives

    Our grant to develop friendship group for the bereaved is making a real difference to the lives of people of all ages who have lost loved ones either recently or over the years. We have seen the numbers increase and have now started weekly sessions rather than twice a month.

  • Craft at the Cowshed

    We are delighted to have launched our Craft at the Cowshed group in Wokingham and now have over 30 members who regularly attend. The group have been busy making some amazing items from recycled textiles as well as the referral bags we use on a daily basis for our clients. Read more [...]

  • Back to reality…

    So, we’re back from sunny, glorious Eastbourne, and back to sunny and glorious Bracknell! It’s not even nearly as pleasant without the sea breeze. Since returning, we’ve had time to discuss our day out with our members, and wanted to share their comments with you. ‘B’:(who has only very recently Read more [...]

  • Thank you message

    Always so lovely to receive thank you messages from patients and know that the care packs made a little difference in brightening someone’s difficult day 🙂 #Greggs4Good

  • 2000th care pack milestone!!!

    Today Touch of Sparkle donated its 2000th care pack! 💜 To mark this special milestone, 50 care packs for boys and girls were donated to the Teenage Emergency Department at the hospital, providing overnight essentials, snacks and distractions for teenagers admitted to hospital in an emergency. A box of underwear and sanitary Read more [...]

  • Project update

    Project update: 17/07/19 Thanks to Gregg’s generous support, we have been able to provide another ten families with Sleep Safe Anti  Suffocation Pillows.  

  • TAP Filipino Elders Centre Stage!

    Although 10% of our membership originate from the Philippines we have not previously held a cultural celebratory event. So we very much welcomed an approach from a group of our Filipino elders asking if they could put together one. We were able to obtain generous sponsorship from British Land as Read more [...]

  • What a fabulous day!

    Well, we’ve had a fantastic day down in Eastbourne! We weren’t too lucky with the traffic, but once we got there the weather was glorious, hot and sunny, but a perfect breeze. Our members all made a beeline for coffee at one of the beachfront cafes, looking out at the Read more [...]

  • Not long now…

    We’re off to Eastbourne in the morning! The weather forecast looks good, we’ve all packed our suncream and hats, and we’re looking forward to fish and chips for lunch tomorrow. Everyone who has benefited from this has loved having something to look forward to – we know that the promise Read more [...]

  • Preparing for our 2000th care pack donation

    Our next donation will be our 2000th care pack! 💜 To mark this special milestone, we have been asked to provide care packs for teenagers at the hospital’s Emergency Department who are often admitted to hospital urgently and without any overnight essentials. So we aim to provide some basic hygiene items as Read more [...]

  • Thank you messages

    Amazing to receive such lovely thank you messages already following our donation of care packs yesterday 💜💜💜 #Greggs4Good  

  • 60 cancer care packs donated

    Today 60 care packs (for both female and male patients) were donated to the oncology department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. Thank you to everyone who donated and big thanks to our generous donor for helping to fund this batch #Greggs4Good ‬ Our next donation in the next few weeks Read more [...]

  • Generous supporters!

    What generous supporters we have! This week we received 4 parcels packed with goodies for our cancer care packs, including  parcels all the way from Poland! They include everything from freshly made soaps to toiletries, sweets, biscuits, nail files, nail varnish, notebooks, teas, lip balms, shower gels, eye masks, toothpaste Read more [...]

  • First purchase from #Greggs4Good

    Today we received our first batch of goodies purchased with our amazing donation from the Greggs Foundation! 384 pairs of bedsocks, 108 playing cards, 120 notebooks, 96 chapsticks, 72 puzzle books, 80 pocket tissues, 96 Polos, 80 Maltesers and 500 business cards! These will keep our care packs well stocked Read more [...]

  • 2. The Plane Tree Truth

    In the run up to London Climate Action Week (1-8 July 2019) I’m going to post a series of blogs entitled ‘Dear London Teacher’. The blogs will promote 33 great practical opportunities available to London schools. This second blog was inspired by the work of Trees for Cities. About a Read more [...]

  • AYBI 6-month project update

    Last six months we have done extensive research with UCL University College of London exploring our programmes and how they benefit young people in school settings. It has shown how working with young people from pupil referral units and local secondary schools, and involving them in planning/steering groups and evaluation Read more [...]

  • 1. Dear London Teacher

    In the run up to London Climate Action Week (1-8 July 2019) I’m going to post a series of blogs entitled ‘Dear London Teacher’. The blogs will promote 33 great practical opportunities available to London schools. The first of these is described in joint letter to London Teachers from World’s Read more [...]

  • We’re all going on a Summer Holiday!

    My goodness but we’re getting excited! Yes, June is turning out to be miserable and rainy, but we’re confident that by the time July rolls around and we’re on that coach to the beach the sun will be out in force!   Our members have given us some lovely comments Read more [...]

  • Start the conversation……

    Just Enough has had the pleasure of going into Our Lady’s Roman Catholic Primary School and delivering the first County Lines workshop under this funding for packages, the other topics they chose to have delivered were radicalisation (53 children reached) and slavery (58 children reached) The children were really excited Read more [...]

  • Euston Foodbank – Update May 2019

    We have had a busy end of winter and spring, with increased demand in the school holidays as you would expect. This last year we have supported 5.7 thousand people, compared to 4.6 thousand the previous year. Here’s a video of what we do: Euston Foodbank Demand has risen with Read more [...]

  • The Power of Mentoring

    Jobs Club Mentoring- First Experience Mentoring is a vital part of the Employment Support Pathway. Volunteers come into our Jobs Club every Wednesday to assist people with all the necessary aspects of being able to access work, training, volunteering and education. For some, this is getting help with finalising a Read more [...]

  • Mask making June 19

    Species high alert loss in the year 2050!  The Ministry of Multispecies Communications will be visiting the Fairbridge Road Play Street soon to help us summon back our missing wildlife. On Sunday 2nd June choose your wildlife and build a mask that will help you commune  with the spirit of Read more [...]

  • We need our own wheels

    The Motivation hub opened in 2018 .After closures of many local authority services due to government cuts. Mew pride our service on making each day meaningful and Fun to all our clients. We are always keen to get our clients out in the community. Making new links. Friendships and community Read more [...]

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