Bringing climate change action closer to home

By Bryan Lipscombe | October 10 2018

Bringing climate change action closer to home

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    Climate change can be a big, scary issue. Scientists have recently sounded the alarm bells – again.  The extreme consequences of unchecked climate change are in the headlinesagain.  But will things now go quiet – again – as we continue to go about our day to day business unchanged?  The latest International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report carries some frightening warnings for governments around the world.  It also identifies the things that need to happen to put us on a safer path.  Importantly, it makes clear we all have a role to play.

    If we break things down into bite-sized chunks, there are many ways we can bring climate action home here in Wirral. Our local climate change strategy has six broad aims.  Below is a list of things that you could do in support of these aims right now.  No further climate science reports or international agreements are needed for you to make a start:


    • Check your home is insulated to modern standards – add top-up loft insulation, insulate cavities and draught-strip around windows, doors and letter boxes if needed. Find out more about home energy efficiency
    • Replace halogen and tungsten bulbs with lower energy bulbs where possible
    • If you have an older boiler look into replacing it with a more efficient model. When appliances need replacing choose the most energy efficient models
    • Ring the local energy efficiency advice line – 0800 043 0151 – to get the latest information and details about support that may be available to help you
    • Check heating controls – learn how to use existing controls and/or upgrade them to give you more control over comfort
    • Learn to use the new energy monitor when your energy provider installs a smart meter in your property. Find out more about smart meters


    • Switch to a renewable energy tariff
    • Consider becoming part of local renewable energy co-operative Wirral Community Renewables
    • Find out whether you have a suitable site to install renewable energy – such as solar power, solar heating, wind, or biomass.  If you do, find out whether the feed-in tariff or renewable heat incentive could help you. The feed-in- tariff is due to be phased-out by April 2019


    • Consider the options to walk and cycle more – familiarise yourself with available routes and cycle parking.  If you haven’t used your cycle for a while, get it checked out and book yourself onto some refresher training or a suitable guided bike ride. If you are new to cycling book yourself onto a cycle training course
    • Familiarise yourself with the public transport services and journey planning tools available to you.  Get a Walrus Smart Card to make it easier to use public transport
    • If you drive, learn a smarter energy efficient driving style.  Car share more when you know people are travelling to the same destination
    • If replacing your vehicle consider the switch to electric, or choose a low carbon vehicle


    • Consider the overall cost of the goods and services you buy not just the initial purchase price
    • Favour energy efficient, environmentally sensitive products
    • Choose local goods and services and local, seasonal and less energy intensive produce – support local farmers markets and shops
    • Grow some of your own food or take part in a local food project
    • Consider eating less meat as part of a balanced diet
    • Avoid products with excessive packaging
    • Support local waste reduction and reuse campaigns and projects such as Love Food Hate Waste, ReciproCity and Community Repaint
    • Recycle the waste you can’t avoid or re-use. Make sure you Recycle Right to avoid contamination of materials collected



    • Take part in the Cool Wirral network and make pledges in support of the strategy
    • Keep up with Cool Wirral here on Semble
    • Consider retrofitting your home to save at least 60% of the carbon emissions to make it part of the SuperHomes network to inspire others
    • If you have already made eco improvements to your home, volunteer it to be part of a Green Open Homes event
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