Blog Date: Wednesday 12th November

By Project Dirt | November 12 2008

Blog Date: Wednesday 12th November

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    It’s all rubbish and expensive •••

    It is said, that we brits live very wasteful lives compared to other countries. Our carbon footprint is pretty excessive, water usage criminal ••• and our generation of rubbish equally worrying. We’ve definitely been behind the curve on recycling, reuse and composting.

    I want to concentrate on rubbish – domestic waste. All the stuff we buy (actually pay for) and throw away because it’s not needed. It’s an expensive pastime. I read yesterday that we throw away 30% of our food. That’s not cheap.

    So, there’s an in cost and an out cost. The in cost is paying for packaging and products. The out cost is disposing of all this rubbish. Lets try and make some informed estimates:

    In Cost

    How much do you reckon you pay for food and consumables each week? Doing a complete finger in the air job, I reckon the average person probably hits £100 a week now (£5,200 a year). Say 10% of this is packaging = £520.00. PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU THINK MY ASSUMPTIONS ARE WIDELY WRONG!

    Out Cost

    I’ve done my homework on this. It costs Wandsworth Borough Council approximately 50 pence to collect and dispose of an average 2 black bin-liners full of waste a week. Maybe that’s slightly high – but I want to include everything throughout the year. That’s £1.00 a week equating to £52.00 a year, which goes on the bottom line our council tax.


    So – by and large, waste costs us around £600 a year. That’s something we don’t use, have no enjoyment out of, pollutes etc.

    Who are the worst offenders? Where could we save, how easy is recycling, what does composting entail? Have a look through the projects on Project Dirt to help on this subject. Balham Composters , or join the private project of Food Up Front for growing your own fruit and veg etc.

    I’ll also be setting up a new waste initiative to look into this more closely ••• so keep your eyes peeled.


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