Blog Date – Monday 17th November

By Project Dirt | November 17 2008

Blog Date – Monday 17th November

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    Organic food, pesticides and the credit crunch •••

    I’ve always been skeptical of organic food. Not because I don’t think it’s generally better for us, the soil and wildlife. I worry that it gives the consumer the wrong impression of environmentalism – that green is more expensive. Organic food sales are dipping , and dipping fast, for the first time in 10 years. In August 2008 research company TNS showed organic sales were down from £100m in the August 2007 to £81m in August this year. The biggest falls being in eggs, dairy, fruit, veg and chicken. The NFU (National Farmer Union) has confirmed this – and says its farmers are holding back. So where does that leave us, when looking at the heroic effort (and victory) on Saturday for Georgina Downs? After a seven year legal battle, the high court ruled the government had failed to adequately protect residents from harmful exposure to crop spraying. Non-organic is bad. And it’s bad for humans as well as the environment. The solution – grow as much of your own food as possible. It’s cheaper and organic. There are no transport costs, packaging costs either. Plus you get a few free bugs to swallow as well. We have some great food growers in Project Dirt listed below. Food Up Front Brixton Food and Growing Group South London Garden Organic The Clapham Roof Gardens (trialing) Again – it’d be good to hear your thoughts. Should we be just looking at free range instead of organic chickens? Am I wrong to be dissing the organic culture or do you find it too expensive too? Cheers …. Mark

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