Blenheim Gardens (Edible) Estate: The Beginnings of an Idea

By Bonnie | December 06 2008

Blenheim Gardens (Edible) Estate: The Beginnings of an Idea

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    A lot of people are interested in getting growing projects started with their neighbours, on streets or estates. This is a blog about how we are getting along in Blenheim Gardens in the hope it might prove useful to others coming after. In October 2007 I moved into a house on the Blenheim Gardens Estate owned by a friend of mine. I started making the garden into a growing space almost straight away (although we are still clearing rubbish out!) But it wasn’t long before I started to nurture grander aspirations and imagined getting my neighbours growing and covering the estate with strawberries and beans growing in every spare corner. This felt a bit presumptuous though, considering what a new Brixtonite I was and I really didn’t know how to start. But then I heard about Food Up Front and rang Kate up and became a Street Rep. By this time it was about August 2008 and I felt a bit reluctant to start recruiting neighbours just in time for winter so I held off on flyering my estate and concentrated on learning about being a Street Rep for the members given to me in nearby streets. I met a lot of inspiring enthusiastic people through FoodUpFront and also through Transition Town Brixton, which I got involved with just before the Great Unleashing. My home town in Wales is a Transition Town (Llandeilo) and although it took me a while (due to some email address misspellings!) I always intended to help out with TTBrixton. For the Unleashing in october I made a big poster based on photos of the Blenheim Gardens Estate taken from my roof and then doctored into a future vision, complete with green roofs and local food producers.

    This vision inspired even me and I decided it was time to explore starting a growing project on my estate.

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