Blackwood Stroke Supports Group @ Rhondda Heritage Centre

Blackwood Stroke Supports Group @ Rhondda Heritage Centre

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    Blackwood Stroke Support Group became the first Stroke Group to visit the Rhondda Heritage Centre on 22nd May. After prior discussions with the Heritage Centre and an onsite risk assessment a bespoke tour was agreed that overcame all safety concerns.

    Arriving on site at 11.00hrs in two mini buses provided by Banwell Buses the group toured the exhibits in the main hall before taking the guided surface tour winding house where the history mining in the welsh valleys was explained. On reaching the entrance to the winding cage the group split and the able bodied descended to pit bottom for the full underground tour of the colliery to see how miners cut the coal etc. Those remaining (including wheelchairs) were offered the chance to descend to pit bottom to briefly sample the conditions underground before ascending to the surface. Both groups then met up at the Cinematic Experience for a very entertaining “journey” through the underground workings that brought forth many screams. The visit concluded with lunch in the restaurant at the centre.

    Once again Blackwood Stroke showed how there is still a life to be enjoyed after a stroke.

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