BEAMZ Becomes Named Supporter of Prince Charles’ Terra Carta

By BEAMZ Trust CIC | February 11 2021

BEAMZ Becomes Named Supporter of Prince Charles’ Terra Carta

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    We’re delighted to announce that BEAMZ Trust CIC is a named supporter of Terra Carta, the environmental vision launched by HRH The Prince of Wales on 11th January 2021.

    The Terra Carta is full of actions that make an impact and align very closely with the aims and values of BEAMZ.

    We were particularly struck by this section:

    “For nearly every problem we face, Nature, with the benefit of billions of years of evolution, has already provided us with the solutions.

    Universal principles rooted in the harmony of Nature’s patterns, cycles and geometry, which ancient civilizations and indigenous peoples have known all too well, need to be harnessed to inform science, technology, design and engineering and can, in fact, drive a sustainable future.

    But time is fast running out and we are rapidly wiping out, through mass extinctions, many of Nature’s unique treasure trove of species from which we can develop innovative and sustainable products for the future.

    Timelines for change must be brought forward if we are to make a transformative shift by the end of the decade and before it is too late.”

    One of the solutions we think nature has given the planet is the wooden pole.

    When hollowed out and dried, it becomes an excellent construction material.

    Our first example is a hardwood frame for bicycles. It is equally strong as the alternatives, more durable, and much more sustainable. And with its ability to capture carbon, a positive alternative that brings happiness to the rider.

    Another aspect of working with wood, especially the coppicing method of farming, is that it invigorates the environment and wildlife around it.

    Working with wood is also beneficial for people’s mental health, not only in the open but also in the workshop. We aim to create as many pleasant jobs as possible across the UK with BEAMZ workshops and coppices.

    Together these make our 3 Positive Impacts

    These may be turbulent times but within the maelstrom, there is a chance we, as a planet, can turn it around, which is why people of like-minded natures should join forces and spread inspiration.

    The Terra Carta will serve as the guiding mandate for the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) which will catalyse, showcase and celebrate progress along the way and over the next ten years and will be updated annually by the SMI to reflect the rapid pace of change and continuous progress being achieved around the world.

    You can download the Terra Carta here:

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