Bank holiday weekend fencing

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    As you can see we are finished with the interior section of the snake. Only one portion left to complete. We had five volunteers and as well as working on the fence structure we are also thinking ahead now to spring. I know it’s a long way away but while Mahesh, Steve and I worked on fence posts Ume and new volunteers Gemma and Armin removed dead bushes which didn’t survive the long drought conditions this summer and planted some foxgloves as well as scattering some foxglove seeds. The soil in the garden supports comfrey, geranium and borage family plants so I’m think foxglove will do well. The seeds were wild gathered so native species. We’ve seen so many slow worms in the garden this summer, especially in the rotted out cavities of the old posts that I’m giving some thought to building refugia into the refurbished garden design as there will be less places for them to hide without the rotted posts. I never thought of the posts as habitat or refuge for animals but it does look like slow worms have benefitted from the rotting fence posts. There are good piles the posts we’ve removed in the garden now so these will be great for overwintering but if we want to clear those out at any point we’d need to place alternative refugia in the garden for the slow worm population. I’m hoping the weather stays dry for the next month so Saturday workdays will be successful as we need to complete before winter gets here. Wish me luck.

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Leslie Bolsover