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    Through evaluation and discussion sessions these young people expressed that being involved in AYBI has great value for their social and personal development, during these sessions young people have made comments such as:

    It helped to change the way I address people for better meaningful interactions” (M.Y)


    It helped me have a positive character and outlook on other. I am a socially active now and making new friends” (S.A)

    Our weekly sessions have become very important to those involved, one parent stated:

    Taking part in the AYBI program means that my son has had a chance to make friends. He has been bullied at school, and finds it hard to socialize without a negative attitude and all that mess. Action Youth Boxing has made him much happier and this has helped his confidence.”

    Without such great supports such as the #RegentsPlaceCommunityFund those positive outcomes mentioned above would not have been achieved.

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