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    To follow up from last week’s entry we have now gone all the way around the apex of the smaller fencing section in the interior of the garden. What a fab feeling that is as the next section is quite straight and easy in comparison. The curved sections pose some problems as it is more difficult to pry the old posts out of their sockets. In truth we didn’t have a team on Saturday…just me. For one thing or another I had no volunteers at all. Folks are mostly on holiday and those new people who contact me, and there have been quite a few, and say they will join us are usually “no shows”. I wish they would contact me again and tell me why they decided not to show up leaving me with tools, gloves and refreshments I didn’t need to purchase! This is the ugly downside of managing a project with volunteers. If anyone out there has an answer to this problem please, please get in contact.

    Anyway, I was able to put in 40 posts because the previous weeks group had taken out quite a few posts and then my husband and I had worked one weekday evening removing more. All in all the results shown in the photo represent 40 posts  put into the Healing Garden. If we only had rain the place would look like new!

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