Another long awaited update! Sorry!

By Tanga Club Hexham | April 11 2021

Another long awaited update! Sorry!

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    Hi everyone and I’m soooo sorry that I haven’t updated on here for a while. The lockdowns have been such a busy time for us all personally and also for Tanga and we’ve collectively found that there are no longer enough hours in the day to juggle life and Tanga!

    We have been incredibly busy over the past few months working out how to best support our families. We’ve ran support groups, delivered yet more activity bags, helped with countless forms and appeals (all successful which gives us a 100% success rate so far – just saying) and we’ve eventually – and very excited we are about this – managed to resume some face to face outdoor activities courtesy of a collaboration with Nature’s Living Room CIC.

    We ran some really popular raffles and launched our helpline number for people who need a call back urgently, and people can also book in with us for a one to one appointment.

    The support groups are back face to face as of next week so that will be a good chance for a catch up and some cake!

    We have moved into our new office now in the Community Centre in Hexham and due to the impending launch of our libraries we have had to take an extra room there, for all the equipment. The libraries are taking shape really nicely now and we will be able to offer families, professionals and other organisations the opportunity to hire specialist toys and equipment at an affordable rate, instead of making a large purchase in one go.

    We are also starting our “Walk with Tanga” project which aims to offer friendship and get a bit healthier following the lockdowns. And work off the support group cake, obviously.

    We do have some AMAZING news which I will share soon with everyone, but it’s a case of getting our ducks in a row first…. Tanga is about to go to the next level and we can hardly contain ourselves!

    Stay safe and watch out for each other 🙂


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