An Allotment Tour

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    Situated around the most easterly end of the country, it can feel our mental health needs aren’t always met. Whilst living in a big town or city can be just as lonely, at least there’s plenty of places to go and with investment of funders tending to lean toward the places with the highest population, Women living in and around the rural areas face higher levels of un-employment and loneliness.

    When you’re in an area with so few opportunities, it can feel extremely isolating and depressing, so instead of the peacefulness of the countryside being welcomed, it can have a very negative effect on your mental wellbeing.

    So in a corner of Suffolk, we’re working hard to engage and work with women to get them out of the house and onto open spaces, to be with others so conversations can be had, friendships formed and a sense of improved wellbeing increased.

    We feel that before you take the step to join us, it’s good to be able to see for yourself what and where we are. And if you’re watching and feel you’d like to join us or talk about setting another ‘Place to Be’ up in your area then YaY – get in touch.

    With lockdown measures slowly being lifted we are even more encouraged and driven to get our allotments back up to scratch and to fire up the Garden Angels project again.

    Together we can all Learn Laugh & Grow

    Hope you enjoy the tour

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