All round support!

By Yasmin Akhtar | February 11 2020

All round support!

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    Go-Woman! Alliance CIC (GOAL), a social enterprise develops and delivers projects in the heart of the community to meet the needs of the community.

    GOAL is supported by amazing number of women from the community that are committed to providing a safe place for women to unleash their potential. Through befriending and dedicated individualised support, GOAL team provides opportunities through Stay & Play sessions which for many is the first point of contact with any community initiative. The staff work with them to support play with their children, providing a safe environment where they can meet other parents’.

    Through targeted support, building trust with users of Stay & Play, women start accessing other services, starting with English classes.

    GOAL provides creche which allows women to access these initiatives without the barrier to childcare.

    Language development remains the core focal point of all our work, around which we have developed range of projects to support continuous development and empowerment for women through access to information; building knowledge; increasing confidence.

    Our projects include enterprise support which helps women to start a small business, supporting them to unleash their untapped potential. GOAL supports women with all round business support including marketing and legal aspect.

    GOAL ensures that all projects are inclusive and accessible to women of all ages and backgrounds.

    Women, particularly first-generation immigrant women, due to social and cultural reasons don’t access any community initiatives and therefore remain isolated, developing mental health issues.

    GOAL through the DOSTI (friendship) project provides a safe haven for women to come together, learn, teach and make new friends in the heart of the community based at Adderley Children Centre.

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