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    To celebrate National Tree Week we would like to share our Acorn to Oak project we have been doing with the local community to do something positive for their local tree scape. Our “Acorn to Oak” project involves planting acorns in pots and growing them until they are large enough to be planted along riverbanks.
    A few weeks ago the young people at Tullochan explored the banks of the River Leven to identify local tree species and collected acorns from an oak tree. Each acorn collected underwent the “sink or float test” – a handy trick for determining if an acorn is likely to grow into an oak tree or not. Acorns which sank were good acorns and planted in pots and given a name – watch out for “Pennywise the oak tree” coming to a park near you! Acorns which floated were left out for insects and other wildlife for food.
    Each participant will grow and plant mighty oaks from their own acorn and will be awarded with a John Muir Award. The young people also took cuttings of willow which is an important tree species which can be planted to support riverbanks. These trees will protect banks from erosion, boost local wildlife, provide vital shade for native fish species and help contribute to the fight against climate change.
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