A year in the Garden

By Marie Graham | December 27 2020

A year in the Garden

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    As is the same for many Community projects, this year hasn’t exactly gone to plan. Our group of local residents spent summer 2019 clearing a overgrown and disused garden in our local neighbourhood. This year we had planned to transform the garden into a community space where local residents could grow food, meet together, where we could hold art projects and community events. It has however been a little harder than that. We have had some highlights; being awarded a Sir Robert McAlpine Strong Foundations Grant, a lovely community pruning day in August where we got together to prune all our soft fruit trees, a community tidy up day in September and even though we haven’t managed to carry out our plans the garden was really well used by the community during lockdown. It was an especially important space to the residents of the four nearby high rise blocks. We also had much appreciated support from IDOM, BAM construction, the Charity Service and Salford Council.

    However it has also been a frustrating year. We couldn’t carry out our planned community gardening days at the beginning of the summer and could only have limited numbers of people when restrictions lifted a little. We weren’t able to have the employee volunteers that could of helped with the garden. The soil survey that should of happened in March didn’t happen until September and the results weren’t as good as we would have liked.

    But despite the set backs we are proud of what we have achieved and are really looking forward to completing our plans. Next year the garden will be even more beautiful and of use to the community.


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Marie Graham