A very late Wednesday 26th November

By Project Dirt | November 26 2008

A very late Wednesday 26th November

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    Wandsworth composts only 1.00% of its household waste compared to Harrow at 19.00%.
    I grabbed the Evening Standard and the customary Yorkie Bar when filling up the scooter this afternoon. There on Page 20, top of the page ••• was evidence that Wandsworth has slipped behind on the composting front. You what ••• I hear Nick say ( Balham composters ). Being the ultra keen and geeky composter this may come as a shock to Nick who’s a big fan of the power of the worm. Let’s give you a summary of the figures – DEFRA is the source: THE WINNERS Harrow composts 19.00% of its organic household waste, Bexley 17.62%, Hillingdon 12.58%, Barnet 12.42% and Richmond 11.54%. THE LOSERS Less than 1.00% on the same measure includes Ken and Chelsea, Westminster, Lewisham, the City, Wandsworth and Tower Hamlets. To compost, councils need two ingredients – a good collection service and the facilities to actually compost. If they’re really going for it, they could also fit a BIOGAS capture system known as an anaerobic digestor. Sounds windy to me. Seeing as we don’t even have an organic collection system in Wandsworth, it’s no surprise we’re bottom of the pile The Mayor of London thinks we’ll need 57 composting facilities and 25 digestors by 2020 to manage the capital’s organic waste. Michael Singham at Wandsworth BC said in an e-mail to me, that he feels it’s better for Wandsworth to encourage home composting and concentrate on reducing waste overall. Thank God for Nick and his composting addiction •••. Cheers Mark

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