A smile tells a thousand memories

By Aspiring2 | February 15 2020

A smile tells a thousand memories

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    We have a special bond and friendship with a group of people who visit us from outside of our area just because they love our company and what we try to provide for those who would otherwise be sat at home on their own or taking their duties as a carer of a loved one so close to their own responsibility they forget to ask for help or look after their own needs.
    Here are photos of the group who came to us last week and made more of our Memory Frames where they created a collage of pictures of friends and family around the inside of the frame. We then took a photo of them to place in the middle. This activity has proved to be so uplifting and a happy session that we will repeat it many times.
    Why do so many of us flit from one activity to the other when there are always new people engaging with us who could benefit from us repeating ourselves. The stories and memories behind these frames is priceless, not to mention sometimes needing a little bit of censoring !!!  PLUS we found the time to have a little dance to Bill Hayley & The Comets Rock Around the Clock



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