A Lot of Litter

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    This was our fourth event, the first event of 2020, on the 25 January in the River Brent at Quainton Street Open Space. The volunteers arrived with two options of work, either litter picking or riparian vegetation management.

    When the event started, we though there wouldn’t be enough litter for the Litter Team to collect, as the  number of volunteers willing to pick litter was larger than the ones willing to open the river views. Surprisingly, again large quantities were removed from the site.

    Volunteers from the Litter Team finished up ‘rowing the litter boat’ (taking the litter on a tarpaulin to the Brent Council collection).

    The arising from litter picking: 128 full black bags of litter, a table, a piece of carpet, and a shopping trolley.

    Riparian vegetation management involves management of grasses and herbs, non-native plant species, scrub and hedgerows, trees and riparian woodland, and the management of marginal vegetation. When carried out considerately, the ecological value of the riparian zone can be greatly enhanced. Riparian vegetation is the vegetation that occurs on the top or face of the riverbank.

    The Vegetation Team chopped a lot of the undergrowth, and even opened a ‘portal’ to the River Brent.

    Results from the vegetation management: we started to build a new ‘dead hedge’, opened up two new areas near the river, and improved the informal path that runs perpendicular to the River Brent.

    Peculiar items were collected on the day too: prescription glasses, a pair of scissors, many clothes and toys, and a vintage camera.

    Many volunteers mentioned coming back to the next events, as there are a lot of tasks to be completed at Quainton. For example, we need to continue managing the vegetation, to cut the undergrowth before the bird nesting season starts at the beginning of March.

    Your River Brent needs you!

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Carolina Pinto