A Litter Picking Diary [a week in the life of…..]

By Dave Peddie | August 20 2019

A Litter Picking Diary [a week in the life of…..]

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    Monday:  Sunday was busy in New Brighton, and summer holidays have begun.  We wander down to the beach first thing with Picker and Bags.  As expected the haul of plastic and glass bottles, empty crisp packets, soiled nappies, odd items of clothing, drinks cans, beach toy netting and baby wipes was about average, which means there was a lot!   There is some dog poo as well.  Don’t pick dog poo. Much too squishy!

    Tuesday:  We wander down for an evening walk. Just want to have a non-picking walk and watch the sun setting.  But some folks have had a beach party on the rocks near the Fort.  There is an empty box of 3 Beef and Onion pies, plus 11 empty glass bear bottles scattered around, 5 drinks cans, 2 polystyrene fast food containers.  They also left 4 single use plastic bags, which was very considerate of them.  Fill their bags with their litter and put it in the bulk bin nearby.  Something they could have done themselves, but didn’t.  Why is that?

    Wednesday:  For an unexplained reason, We couldn’t face going for a walk this evening.

    Thursday:  Watch an interesting YouTube video about how plastic gets into the food chain, and how we can end up eating it.  That is one of the reasons we are part of The New Brighteners beach litter picking team.  To try and stop all this stuff getting on to our dinner plates.  Fish and Chips and a side of plastic anyone? The other reason, the most important reason, is that New Brighton has some great beaches and coastline.  Keeping it litter free is a mammoth job, but at least it’ll be nice for everyone to enjoy.

    Friday:  It was quite a high tide last night, so the beach has been well washed, but of course that means a lot of plastic has been swept into the sea.   Perhaps one day it will end up as part of one of the 5 enormous islands of plastic waste in our oceans.    The Marine Lake has its own plastic Island which is difficult to clear, depending upon which way the wind blows.  A couple of the team got out there early in the morning and dragged out plastic bottles, polystyrene, weed tangled with discarded crabbing-line, plastic bags and a few unrecognisable things all mixed in with seaweed.  But it looked nice when it’s done.  It’s reckoned that every bit of plastic ever made is still in existence.  Seems that a good proportion of that is in New Brighton!

    Saturday:  It’s another warm and sunny day and the visitors stream in.  As usual there is nowhere for many of them to park.  No-one seemed to think that the new development would mean more cars and more litter.  Not enough bins either. We  meet up with our group for one of our regular Saturday beach cleans.  There is a great camaraderie because  we all know we are doing something which is good, even when you feel rubbish about it. We collect 11 big bags of litter.  Well done everyone.  Get home tired but pleased and the cup of tea is very welcome!

    Sunday:  Day of Rest?  Day of Worship?  Day of Recreation? Day of, well… not litter picking.  A Day-of-Feet-up is well in order.

    Monday: …… Sunday was busy in New Brighton …………..

    ……dedicated to everyone who picks up other peoples’ litter.

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