A Hidden Gem along the River Brent

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    Restoring Brent Rivers and Communities- Quainton St Open Space Event 13.11.19

    Quainton Street Open Space is a hidden gem along the River Brent. The Open Space has an incredible potential to become an area for the community to celebrate and enjoy nature.

    Sadly, the site is very littered, ‘one of the worse ever seen’, according to a regular volunteer of clean-up events. Like many urban rivers, the River Brent now suffers from pollution, a lack of natural habitat, and the presence of many invasive non-native species.

    The Restoring Brent Rivers and Communities project, generously funded by the Greggs Foundation, aims to reverse that, through the engagement of local people working together to restore and renaturalize the river and surrounding areas.

    On Wednesday the 13th of November 2019, Thames21 with dedicated local volunteers started the clean-up of the river and riparian area at Quainton Street Open Space.

    Since the volunteers started at 10.30 am on this sunny autumn day, they worked very hard encouraging one another keep going until the end, at 2.30 pm.

    They collected an astonishing amount of litter. Amongst the many items collected, it grabbed our attention to find peculiar objects along the river banks, from an oyster card to a suitcase, a Chelsea football cap and a bike.

    What’s more, the volunteers pulled out two shopping trolleys from the River Brent. The rolling motion of the trolleys set the tone to the break off of the event, and to wait for the Brent Council to arrive and collect the arising. They were there right on time!

    The aftermath: 70 litter bags, 3 shopping trolleys, 2 mattresses and 1 bike.

    Join us next time, and help us to do more for the River Brent!


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