3. Can schools play a role in London National Park City?

By Martin Crabbe | June 20 2019

3. Can schools play a role in London National Park City?

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    Dear London Teacher

    In the run up to London Climate Action Week (1-8 July 2019) I’m going to post a series of blogs entitled ‘Dear London Teacher’. The blogs will promote 33 great practical opportunities available to London schools. Alongside London Climate Action Week there is another significant event taking place in London in July. And both events are entirely relevant to each other. This blog was inspired by this other event: the London National Park City


    There are over 3000 schools in London. If they all get involved in the London National Park City the impact could be massive. If every school, for example, committed to teach some lessons outside the classroom then soon every London student would be learning about their patch of London.

    To support teachers to work outside the classroom, Outdoor Classroom Day provides an amazing amount of support. It has a plethora of ideas of things to do once you’ve left your classroom – see https://outdoorclassroomday.org.uk/resources/.

    A natural progression might be the Eco-schools Award. Its easy to get started and it will support schools on their journey to becoming a more sustainable school. And there are many other organisations that do amazing sustainability work with schools (I’ll discuss some of these in my next blog).

    The London National Park City campaign might just have the power to challenge some of us in London schools to re-look at and hopefully re-love our patch of London. Imagine if every school in London became:

    • a beacon of sustainability in its local area
    • encouraged an ethos of care for oneself, each other and the environment.
    • collaborated to create unique, sustainable solutions to its local environment.
    • developed an integrated approach to sustainability across its curriculum, campus and community.

    In other words, imagine if every school in London was a sustainable school…

    We are already imagining it. A group of organisations who work on sustainability projects with schools have joined together to form the London National Park City Schools Network.

    ….Let’s make London greener, healthier and wilder.


    London National Park City is one of the fantastic projects across London that inspired us to develop our third lesson plan: ‘Practical Ways to Reduce London’s Climate Risks’. It provides an inspirational, holistic vision for London. As part of London National Park City Network, schools may recognise how their individual actions support this city-wide transformation.




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