29th November: Buy-Nothing Day!

By Project Dirt | November 29 2008

29th November: Buy-Nothing Day!

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    OK – so Mark’s right. I HAVE been a bit quiet of late. But I’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes! On Monday and Tuesday this week I went to the Environment Agency conference; loads of big names there, and really quite inspirational. (Well done to Graveney Councillor and Project Dirt member Rex Osborn for his role in organising the conference!). Watching Jim Hansen speak first hand was really quite something – if you don’t know who he is, yes he may be a bit of a NASA nerd, but he did teach Al Gore a thing or two about climate change. And of course I enjoyed witnessing the shaggy-haired wonder that is Boris Johnson bigging up the bike, and announcing his support for improving London’s green spaces. The ‘community driven change’ workshop was a personal highlight. Mostly full of councillors and other local authority representatives, we got the chance to listen to both Rob Hopkins of the Transition Town Network talking about Transition Towns, and Vicki Costello of NESTA talking about the Big Green Challenge groups. We then spent a lively half-hour debating how to support community initiatives – there is certainly quite a big demand for somewhere for groups to share their experiences and best practice! Ummm••• maybe we should say something?! To wrap it up••• Happy “ Buy-nothing Day ”! Most of you will have seen this appear as an event (with thanks to Chris C) over the last few days. If you have interesting experiences of an anti-consumerist nature to share, then do let us know – in the meantime, I’ll attempt to dig out some evidence on whether the day has had a noteable effect on retailers’ takings? But for now••• so long, and wrap up warm! Nick

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