20. Make London your outdoor classroom

By Martin Crabbe | March 21 2019

20. Make London your outdoor classroom

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    #Love London. Love the World

    Climate Action 20: Make London your outdoor classroom (Global Goal 4: Quality Education)

    Target audience: London’s school age children 

    We believe that a Quality Education (Global Goal 4) should include learning outside the classroom. Why? Read the Muddy Hands report here.

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    1. Sign your school up for Outdoor Classroom Day

    Outdoor Classroom Day actually began in London in 2012 and now it is an amazing global project. One of our aims is for London schools to become beacons of outdoor learning, playing our part in the new, London National Park City. If your school hasn’t already signed up why not give it a go? It’s really easy.

    Sign up on the Outdoor Classroom Day website here.

    Imagine if every school in London signed up for Outdoor Classroom Day!

    With special thanks to Anna Portch, Chris Robson, Cath Prisk and Nick Gardner for getting us to this point.

    1. Make London Your Outdoor Classroom

    Throughout this blog series we have looked at lessons taken from specific areas of the London Curriculum. For today’s blog we want to highlight the London Curriculum itself, in it’s entirety, and its vision for the future which we believe could offer really useful exemplars for London’s schools in the years to come.

    The London Curriculum uses the capital as inspiration to bring the national curriculum to life at key stages 2 and 3. The programme offers free teaching resources and London Curriculum Lates (evening events for teachers) and exciting educational activities for students.

    Our ambition is to be in every school in London, supporting teachers to help their students connect with their communities and city. Check them out and see which ones you could use.

    Click here to access these resources and good luck making London your classroom!

    With special thanks to Josie Todd and the Mayor of London and his Education and Youth team for their incredible work so far.

    1. Turning Outdoor Learning into Action

    This next project will help you turn your outdoor learning into action by creating an action plan for your area and local community. It uses the Global Goals as a catalyst for students in identifying a local community issue that they want to help solve, and create an action plan to get started.

    Click here to see the lessons Turning Learning into Action

    1. Background to this resource

    This project aims to:

    1. Connect London’s schools to great resources based on their city and
    2. To suggest ways to introduce a global perspective to their work.

    Each blog will be based on two major curriculum resources available freely to teachers:

    1. The London Curriculum– developed by experts in their field working in partnership with the Mayor of London and his Education and Youth team.
    2. The World’s Largest Lesson– produced by Project Everyone in partnership with Unicef to help schools address three major challenges:
    • End extreme poverty
    • Fight inequality and injustice
    • Tackle climate change

    Each blog will aim to provide ways for teachers to reflect on these big issues through their own contexts, subject areas and from a London perspective.

    Thanks to the teams at City Hall and Project Everyone for providing these great resources. Some of my blog has been adapted from their websites.

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