1. Dear London Teacher

By Martin Crabbe | June 11 2019

1. Dear London Teacher

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    In the run up to London Climate Action Week (1-8 July 2019) I’m going to post a series of blogs entitled ‘Dear London Teacher’. The blogs will promote 33 great practical opportunities available to London schools. The first of these is described in joint letter to London Teachers from World’s Largest Lesson, GLOBE International and the London Sustainable Schools Forum. I am very proud to be involved in this project and to kick off our latest ’33’ project*. To warm you up there is a short animation created by Ken Robinson (which is featured within our first lesson plan) followed by the letter to London Teachers. Enjoy:

    Dear London Teacher,

    This year marks the first ever London Climate Action Week (1st-8th July). Every London school is invited to take part so that their students are given the opportunity to understand more about climate change, London’s risks and vulnerabilities. We hope that in doing so your students will respond by taking actions themselves that could include engaging with their local MPs about increasing the ambition of current climate policies during the week itself.

    To make this possible, World’s Largest Lesson has collaborated with London Sustainable Schools Forum and GLOBE International to create a unique set of free resources for Key Stage 2 & 3. The resources will cover 4 areas:

    1. Campaigning for the Global Goals
    2. Is there really anything we can do about climate change?
    3. Practical ways to reduce London’s climate risks
    4. Writing to your MP

    The resources are designed to be easy, engaging and modular so that they can be used during the month of June in the lead up to London Climate Action Week. Our ambition is to help your students find the confidence to be active participants in the current climate conversation.

    The resources are available here:


    Imagine if every London school took part…

    Yours sincerely

    World’s Largest Lesson, London Sustainable Schools Forum and GLOBE International in partnership with London Climate Action Week

    *33 is a regular feature of the London Sustainable Schools Forum. 33 sustainable schools opportunities are promoted to London teachers.  The number 33 was chosen to represent the 33 London boroughs. Although some are London specific it is hoped that many will be of use to colleagues outside the capital.


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