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Wait…Project Dirt is now Semble?

Yes it’s true, we’ve grown out of the Dirt and now have a new brand and improved website. Hopefully this isn’t the first time you’re hearing this because we’ve mentioned it sporadically over the last 12 months, but if it is…surprise! 🙂

Rebranding wasn’t easy but it’s been a valuable process. Fortunately, our co-founder Nick has written a short blog explaining more about why it was need and why it’s great. 

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What is Semble?

Semble is a dedicated platform for community projects aka you guys! We make sure that local projects get the support they deserve by partnering them with businesses and volunteers who are looking to help.

This platform is a place for you to share your story, celebrate your successes and find the resources you need to grow your impact. We’re on a mission to make supporting local communities easier and more commonplace – join us!

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What next?

Project Admins

Do you own or run a project on Project Dirt?


We’ve recently transferred all projects from Project Dirt over to the new Semble platform, so we now need you (the members of those projects) to update them.

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Everyone else

Not an admin but still intrigued?


We’re still in the early stages of moving from PD to Semble so the new site isn’t 100%, but we’d still love to invite you to check out the new site and any feedback you have is always super to help us improve.

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