Backyard Nature Seedball Giveaway


The kids who inspired the Backyard Nature campaign are being featured in Prince William: A Planet for Us All – a documentary championing environmental action at the local level.

To celebrate, Backyard Nature, in partnership with a brilliant bunch of organisations including Seedball, Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation  and Clarion Futures, is giving away 200,000 wildflower seedballs to community groups and schools. This initiative will help more children across the UK (and their grown ups) take action on the issues they care about. 

By planting seedballs, kids will get to experience watching seeds transform into flowers under their nose and attract bees and bugs back to their doorstep.


Semble has been working with a whole host of partners to make Backyard Nature a success, rallying over 10,000 kids to sign up to protect the planet and providing them with tools and ideas to encourage biodiversity. 

Together, we can build our army of young nature guardians and inspire the next generation of environmental activists. And by connecting with nature, these kids will experience lifelong benefits to their mental and physical wellbeing.

The more children that get involved in protecting the environment, the more the planet and future generations will benefit!

We truly believe that if we all do our bit we can help plants and animals in our own backyards to thrive once more. To see this message being shared nationwide is a huge win for Nature!

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