Backyard Nature on a Royal Outing


We’ve got exciting news to share!

Semble’s Backyard Nature campaign is being featured in a new ITV documentary – ’Prince William: A Planet for Us All’.

So far, close to 11,000 children have signed up to be Nature Guardians as part of the campaign. This army of young environmentalists have pledged to get outdoors to protect nature where they live. And now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s kids have joined them.

Grown by Semble, powered by Iceland and supported by an incredible 22 of charity partners, this campaign means business. Right at the centre of the movement is a brilliant bunch of Primary school kids from Liverpool who won’t rest until their planet’s safe. These kids are the Eco Emeralds. They inspired us to build the Backyard Nature Campaign. And they recently met HRH The Duke of Cambridge, who visited them to hear all about their conservation efforts in the battle against the climate crisis.

ITV captured the meeting and are putting it on our TV screen next week. Don’t miss the moment! Tune in on Monday from 9pm til 10.30pm and stay hooked til the very end to see the Eco Emeralds talk about bugs, cheeky children and the floss dance with HRH The Duke of Cambridge.

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