Get ready for Action

ActionFunder is a brand new funding platform that lets the funders find you. That means easy access to funding leaving you with more time to get on with making a difference.


ActionFunder is live!

Join us on to add your project or run a fund! 


Grassroots community action is busy work. You’ve told us how frustrating it is to spend so much time looking for funding; time that could be spent out in your communities, making a difference.

We heard what you need and we’re building it: ActionFunder is a platform where you can pitch for funding once per project and have that pitch seen by multiple like-minded funders. Easy access to funding so that you can get on with making change happen.

How does it work?

Instead of doing endless application forms, apply just once and the platform’s automated intelligent matchmaking will find the right funders for your project. Using video-led applications you can quickly and authentically showcase your passion and purpose in a way written applications just can’t do!