About us

We understand the power of bringing the right people together. We know that small, grassroots projects set up by passionate people have the power to transform the communities they work in and we’re here to help them do that. 

A social enterprise shaking things up

We make sure that local projects get the support they deserve by partnering them with brilliant businesses and volunteers. The platform is free to use and allows people to explore our directory of projects, get inspired by their stories and learn from useful resources.

To galvanise support we run community serving campaigns that are funded by organisations who’re looking to support local projects or specific causes, and we funnel any profits made back into the development of the platform and the resources we provide for our community. 

Why Semble exists

Semble was set up to help small and local community projects get the support they deserve.

Community groups make a huge impact in the communities they work in, but their opportunities to connect with businesses and the resources they need is limited. We’re changing that by partnering businesses and volunteers with incredible causes.

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Meet our team

Everyone at Semble truly believes in what we do – bringing people together to make positive change. We’re a small and passionate team and like to our community, we’re doers, always looking for solutions and ways to improve the way we work.

Meet our team