About us

We understand the power of bringing the right people together. So we connect community groups with brilliant businesses and we celebrate the positive impact through storytelling to inspire others to come together and make a change. 

We support community groups to thrive

Small community groups set up by passionate people can have a BIG impact.

Too often incredible grassroots projects are under-funded, under-resourced and overlooked. Semble’s here to change that.

By signing up to our network, community groups can share ideas and connect with businesses looking to make a difference. And like the best things in life, it’s totally free. 

Let’s Semble

We help community projects…

We partner with brilliant businesses

Now more than ever, businesses want to be a force for good in their local communities.

Semble creates campaigns that connect purpose-driven businesses with our network of community projects so that they can work together to grow their impact. From funding projects to building movements and harnessing the power of volunteers, every one of the campaigns we create supports community action.

And here’s the cherry on top – we funnel any profits made back into the development of our platform which supports community groups to connect, learn and thrive.

Semble’s a certified B Corp so you can trust that what we do and how we do it prioritises people and planet.

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